CZ-4C launch vehicle carrying Gaofen-12-04 satellite successfully launched
Launch mission successfully completed, a sensational event in the world | CZ-4C launch vehicle succeeds in launching FY-3F satellite
CZ-2D successfully launched four satellites at one time
CZ-6 launch vehicle is launched successfully
Long March 2D rocket lifts 41 satellites into space, setting new national record
FENGYUN Satellite User Conference | Witness the Successful Debut of FY-3G
Long March 4C carrier rocket carrying Yaogan-34 04 satellite successfully launched
One rocket, four satellites! Long March 2D successfully launched carrying four satellites all for commercial use
Long March 4C succeeds in launching two satellites
CZ-2D carrier rocket succeeded in launching Yaogan-37 and Shiyan-22A/B satellites
CZ-2D carrier rocket succeeded in launching 14 satellites
Getting off to a good start! Shijian-23 Satellite was launched successfully!
From one success to another! CZ-2D successfully launched Remote Sensing Satellite-36, setting a new yearly launch record of this model
CZ-4 C successfully launched test satellites 20 A/B
CZ-2D successfully launched the hyper-spectral integrated observation satellite
Long March 4C Carrier Rocket Successfully Launches RS 34-03 Satellite
Long March 6A rocket successfully launches Yunhai-3 satellite
Opening of the 14th China Airshow|40 scientific and technological achievements from Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology exhibited under the spotlight, with the contract amount exceeding 17.9 billion yuan
Mengtian is in place! On orbit assembly of "T" basic configuration of China Space Station has been completed
Mengtian Shines, Tiangong Departs | Long March 5B Successfully Launches the Mengtian lab module, marking the end of China's space station construction
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