Long March 2D was successfully launched with Yunhai-1 04 satellite

Long March 2D was successfully launched with Yunhai-1 04 satellite

2023/12/08 10:42
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At 8:54 on October 15, 2023, the Long March 2D launch vehicle precisely placed the Yunhai-1 04 satellite into a scheduled orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, signaling a complete success of the launch mission. 



Both the satellite and the launch vehicle are developed by Shanghai Academy of SpaceflightTechnology. This launch mission is the 82nd launch of Long March 2D launch vehicle, the 199th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 491st launch of Long March series of launch vehicles. 


Ten launch missions, ten victories


The workflow of Long March 2D at the launch site continues to improve 


The Long March 2D launch vehicle for this launch mission is a level 2 carrier rocket with liquid propellant of normal temperature. It has a takeoff thrust of about 300 tons, and a carrying capacity at the sun-synchronous orbit up to 1.3 tons (orbital altitude of 700 kilometers), as well as the single-satellite and multiple-satellite launching capabilities meeting the requirements of different orbits. This mission is the 10th launch of the Long March 2D launch vehicle in 2023 and its 54th launch at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. 



Long March 2D launch vehicle, as a “veteran member” to the Long March launch vehicle family, has consistently delivered outstanding performance in a series of launch missions and achieved outstanding results. The Y-88 launch vehicle launched this year set a record for China by successfully placing 41 satellites into the intended orbits in a single launch, marking that China’s multi-satellite launch capabilities have reached a new level. Technological enhancement and process optimization complement each other and are mutually beneficial. Similarly, the workflow of Long March 2D launch vehicle has been continually improved at the launch site. The development team optimized the plan based on the onsite test process of the model and employed the improved version of the test and launch process for the current mission. Seven test items were adjusted and optimized for the model, including “adjustments to inflation of the accumulator and optimization of electrical testing items”, which has significantly enhanced the testing and launch efficiency of the Long March 2D launch vehicle. After arriving at the launch site, the test team provided detailed briefings to the launch site personnel on the technical conditions and new workflows of the current mission. They also had thorough communications about the subsequent critical tasks and key steps to ensure the smooth progress of the mission. 



In addition, the test team of the Long March 2D launch vehicle, in collaboration with the launch center, organized a mission success assurance meeting, at which they conducted a specialized review of topics related to the carrying capacity, test coverage after process optimization, and status transition of integrated ground testing equipment. All members of the test team, in accordance with the characteristics of the current mission, continued to advance through solid and steady steps; rigorously controlled the quality and coordinated various tasks; and thoroughly analyzed the situation and took effective measures to prevent risks, thus effectively ensuring the successful completion of the current mission. 


This mission coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The temporary Party committee of the test team, taking the situation characteristics into account, such as the work requirement for “the heavy tasks and tight lead time”, as well as the care needed for “a large number of personnel during the two holidays”, conducted various activities in different forms to enhance team cohesion while actively promoting the high-quality completion of the mission 


Strict, careful, serious, and practical


Carrying out the work at the satellite launch site with high efficiency and high quality 


After the satellite arrived at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the test team closely collaborated with the launch center to promptly establish the factory environment and configure the satellite state. With well-thought-out planning, seamless collaboration, and thorough risk assessment, team members worked overtime and successfully completed the electrical testing of the fully assembled satellite as scheduled. Adhering to a strict, careful, serious, and practical work style, the test team carefully planned and formulated the test data confirmation sheet for the launch site. They seriously reviewed and recorded every test data and compared these data with the data from previous satellites to ensure consistency and the proper satellite state.

The test team of Yunhai-1 04 satellite fully integrated the model requirements with the test work progress at the launch site, and continued to conduct “pre-event envisioning and post-event reflection”. Through pre-shift meetings, post-shift meetings, and scheduling meetings, they continuously shared in-depth reflections and case practices from various positions for identifying and avoiding potential risks. They expressed their determination to eliminate low-level quality issues and clearly conveyed the principle of “leaving no room for error” in executing launch missions, ensuring that each team member understands the heavy responsibility and sacred mission they carry. They continuously reinforced their work style and rigorously controlled the quality. The test team placed the emphasis on confirming the satellite state, monitoring critical milestones, and controlling the processes to ensure that they could achieve accuracy and excellence in every operation and complete the tasks successfully with high quality and efficiency. 



For a number of years, the Yunhai-1 development team has demonstrated unwavering determination, a strong sense of responsibility, and a willingness to make strenuous efforts, struggle arduously, and stride forward. During the development of Yunhai-1 04 satellite, a group of core team members who are unafraid of difficulties and committed to seeking truth and pragmatism have been nurtured, laying a solid foundation of talent for successfully completing the satellite development and launch missions with high quality and efficiency.


Guided by the spirit of forging ahead with enterprise and resolve, the development team of Yunhai-1 04 satellite will, consistently adhering to the work principles of “reasonable design, standardized management, success on the first attempt, and customer satisfaction”, carry out flight control and in-orbit testing tasks, ensure the delivery of high-performance and reliable satellites to users, and tirelessly contribute to the development of the satellite programs of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology.