CZ-4C launch vehicle carrying Gaofen-12-04 satellite successfully launched

CZ-4C launch vehicle carrying Gaofen-12-04 satellite successfully launched

2023/09/01 10:41
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At 1:45 AM on August 21, 2023 (Beijing Time), the Long March 4C (CZ-4C) launch vehicle blasted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, successfully deploying the Gaofen-12-04 satellite into its preset orbit, marking a complete success of the launch mission. The satellite and the launch vehicle were both generally developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology.


The CZ-4C launch vehicle executing the mission is a 3-stage liquid rocket with propellant at normal temperature, with excellent performance, extensive usage, and the capability to launch satellites of various types with different orbital requirements. It can launch one or multiple satellites in a single mission, offering up to 3 tons of payload capacity to Sun-synchronous circular orbit at an orbital altitude of 700 km. Gaofen-12-04 satellite is primarily used in areas such as national land surveys, urban planning, confirmation of land right, road network design, crop yield estimation, and disaster prevention and mitigation.


CZ-4 series of launch vehicles embark on a new journey of another one-hundred launch missions


After the successful completion of the 100th launch mission of CZ-4 series of launch vehicles, the test team members have set out on a new journey, and immersed themselves in the tasks of this launch with ample confidence and dedication. With the guidance of two chief engineers of the model team and the cooperation of launch site personnel, all test team members, who always remained modest, prudent, and patient, responded calmly to weather changes, and successfully completed the transfer and erection of the first, second, and third sub-stages of the launch vehicle at night as well as the transfer and installation of the satellite and fairing assembly in the early morning. On the day of the transfer, the wind conditions were extremely complex. However, the test team closely monitored the weather and made thorough preparations to deal with the situation. They persisted until nightfall and the wind speed gradually stabilized, ultimately successfully completing the docking of the sub-stages.


Embarking on a new journey of another a hundred launch missions, the model team continues to promote the “tenacious, pragmatic, united, and enterprising” spirit with concrete actions, adheres to a “high standards and strict requirements” work ethic, and exercises a daily quality validation system following the principle of “All for the sake of scientific research and production, all for the sake of mission success”. After entering the site, the model team members provided full and in-depth technical explanations to the launch site personnel, and conducted specialized reviews of various aspects including the ground checking, launching, and control systems, power system, and ground mechanical equipment. They also completed the quality validation and process control for the entire workflow at the launch site, presupposition and simulation of the work at critical stages, as well as the interpretation and rechecking of critical test data interlinkage, which ensured the successful completion of this launch mission.


This launch task is the 101st launch of CZ-4 series of launch vehicles, the 192nd launch of the “Long March” series of launch vehicles developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 484th launch of “Long March” launch vehicles.


The satellite test team continues to refine the process and advance the development work with high quality