Long March 4C Carrier Rocket was Successfully Launched with Gaofen-12 03 Satellite
Long March 2D Carrier Rocket was Successfully Launched with Remote Sensing No.35 Group 02 Satellite
CZ-2D is launched successfully, sending eight satellites!
The world first satellite for Lidar carbon monitoring: CZ-4C launch vehicle successfully launched the satellite for atmospheric environmental monitoring
China sends Long March 6A on maiden flight
China launches rocket to deploy Earth-observation satellite
Changzheng No. 4 C successfully launched the land exploration No. 1 satellite A of group 01, filling a number of blank areas in the industry of China
A Great Beginning of 2022 for China Aerospace! Long March 2D Starts Again in a New Journey
Looking for water on the moon? The latest exploration results of Chang’e 5 Lander
A complete success! “A kiss in the space” controlled by the astronauts remotely in the space station
CZ-2D: Launch of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology in the year gained a complete success!
Succeeded! Astronauts had extravehicular work again with highly productive panoramic cameras
The Multi-Type Defense Equipment of the Eighth Institute Appears at the 2nd Egypt Defense Exhibition
Long March 4C carrier rocket has successful launched
Long March 4B successfully launched Gaofen-11 03 Satellite! New addition to the "Gaofen" family
China launches satellite to test tech for space debris management
Masters Gathering Together, Promoting Innovation-driven Development of the World Aerospace Technology
CZ-2D· “Worldskills Shanghai” Launch Vehicle Successfully Chinese Hα Solar Explorer
Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology Signing for More than RMB 15.5 Billion at Zhuhai Airshow
The 13th Air Show China Opened|43 Latest Achievements of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology Making the First Public Appearance
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