SAST showcases over 50 exhibits at 21st CIIF

SAST showcases over 50 exhibits at 21st CIIF

2019/09/26 23:07
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Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SASTshowcased more than 50 exhibits at the CIIF.

On September 17, the 21st China International Industrial Fair (CIIF) themed “Intelligence, Interconnection – Empowering New Development of Industry” kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center. The Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation showcased more than 50 exhibits at the CIIF, presenting the scientific and technological achievements of aerospace technology application transformation that serves smart life.

It is reported that the upper stage of the Expedition 3 developed by Aerospace System Engineering Shanghai(ASES)won the Special Honor Award for the Space Information Exhibition of the CIIF, the radar products of Shanghai Radio Equipment Research Institute won the Silver Award for innovation, and the fuel cells of Shanghai Institue of Space Power-source won the Gold Award for product, the intelligent inspection robot of ASES won the Silver Award for product, and the friction stir welding of Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturer and the tracking system of the 804 Institute won the product award.

△The upper stage of the Expedition 3 developed by the SAST 805 Institute wins the Special Honor Award for the Space Information Exhibition of the CIIF

In recent years, SAST has clearly defined the industry layout focusing on “commercial aerospace, smart city, smart equipment and smart energy”, given full play to the unique advantages of SAST's field integration and the mixture of development, manufacture and launch, built a world-class new commercial aerospace base in China, and strived to build an innovative, open and integrated commercial aerospace industry ecosystem, developed a smart city industry with aerospace characteristics and a new generation of smart energy industry, and provided an integrated solution for aerospace smart manufacturing equipment and manufacturing services.

At this year's CIIF, the SAST exhibited a number of fist products and key technologies including fuel cells, smart inspection robots, solar smart color-changing sunglasses, and high-resolution Earth observation applications.

The well-respected 50kW vehicle fuel cell system adopts a fully independent intellectual property metal bipolar plate fuel cell stack, which has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, high reliability, high efficiency and high localization rate. Relevant technical indicators are at the domestic leading level and are suitable for complex working conditions and environmental requirements of vehicles.

The intelligent inspection robot “smart patrol” can be used to replace the artificial electric power inspection, including intelligent identification readings of various instruments in the substation, intelligent infrared temperature measurement for lightning arresters, knife gates, three-phase temperature difference, insulator joints and other instruments.

In addition, the solar smart color-changing sunglasses jointly developed by SAST can automatically adjust the brightness of the glasses according to the change of the intensity of the sun. It only needs 0.1 seconds to automatically change color, so that the wearer will always be in the most comfortable visual state. The lens is the world leader in intelligent color change performance.

At the CIIF, the “FY” series of meteorological satellites and the “Chongming Smart Agriculture on high-resolution Satellite” project were also exhibited to showcase how the smart satellite serves modern life. This is the first time that a useful attempt has been made by the high- resolution center Shanghai sub-center to combine satellite artificial intelligence with smart agricultural production.



Source:Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology