Exploration of fair| Keywords on Aerospace of this year's CIIF, have you got it?

Exploration of fair| Keywords on Aerospace of this year's CIIF, have you got it?

2019/09/26 23:17
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Highlights of the Exhibition Zone of this year’s CIIF

Today (September 18th)

is the second day of the opening

of the 21st China International Industry Fair.

Has your heart already flew to the venue?

I know you!

Follow the footsteps of the editor and walk into

the exhibition area of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

at this year's CIIF one by one,

to see how the advanced space technology serves smart life.


 The brother of “the Jade Hare”?No,

he is the first generation of intelligent inspection robot, "smart patrol"

With the advancement of technology, various robots have already caught the eye of the public and even integrated into our lives. Look! High energy alert. "What does the leisurely stroller do? It's a bit like a miniature version of the lunar rover." In fact, this car is a smart inspection robot that is used to replace the manual. It is very useful and can realize intelligent inspection tasks in substations, chemical plants, airports, port terminals and other places.



Don't underestimate this little body, the smart patrol has a lot of energy. In response to a variety of complex and varied terrain, the designers of 805 Institute used the chassis structure of the Yutu lunar rover that excelled on the moon- six-wheel main and auxiliary rocker-type structure-when designing the chassis for the inspector, which is the first example of the inspection robot in the market and once again realizes the civilian transformation of aerospace technology.


 Aerospace-made intelligent robots enter new field of fire protection

What would a robot developed by a company engaged in rockets and satellites look like? Based on its own advantages in the fields of photoelectric detection, inertial navigation and artificial intelligence technology, the intelligent independent fire inspection robot developed by the Control Institute has made its debut in the field of fire protection and strived to make a difference.

"Based on the technical advantages of infrared detection and intelligent control, we have set our sights on the application of intelligent robots in the field of fire protection. At present, we have successfully developed a prototype," said Zheng Jianyong, deputy director of the Research and Production Department of the Institute.Different from the outdoor remote-controlled fire-extinguishing robots currently on the market, the intelligent independent fire-fighting inspection robot development team of the Control Institute positions the features of the products asindoor/outdoor self-navigation inspection, pre-fire warning and initial fire suppression.


Only 0.1 second for automatic color changing, sunshine shading

The "advanced" aerospace has begun to be engaged in sunglasses? This is real.Under normal circumstances, it takes several tens of seconds for a conventional color changing lens to complete the color changing process. However, the smart sunglasses brought by the industrial companies behind the 811 Institute can change color in 0.1 seconds, and the process is almost synchronized with the changes in the lighting environment, so that the wearer is always in the most comfortable visual state.

Behind the intelligence is the advanced core technology independently developed by Shanghai Institue of Space Power-source. “The highly efficient micro-GaAs solar cell technology independently developed by Shanghai Institue of Space Power-source can be widely used in micro-energy wearable products. We apply this technology to sunglasses, which is efficient and lightweight, sealed and waterproof. It also has good anti-blocking performance and excellent low light response, and has good environmental adaptability,” said Wang Shun, director of system component technology of the engineering center.


Create a fuel cell industry chain of "Aerospace brand · Made in Shanghai "

The well-respected 50kW vehicle fuel cell system brought about by Shanghai Institue of Space Power-source at this year's CIIF adopts a fully independent intellectual property metal bipolar plate fuel cell stack, which has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, high reliability, high efficiency and high localization rate. Relevant technical indicators are at the domestic leading level and are suitable for complex working conditions and environmental requirements of vehicles.

Under the background that smart energy is included in the top design of the national economy, opening up the bottleneck of fuel cell scale manufacturing has become the only way to develop and grow in the future. To this regard, Shanghai Institue of Space Power-source is actively deploying the fuel cell industry. It is reported that it has started the pilot plant fuel line construction and is projected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Highlights of the Exhibition Zone of this year’s CIIF are all here



Source:Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology