Breaking the “Isolated Island” of Talents to Boost the Industrial Development

Breaking the “Isolated Island” of Talents to Boost the Industrial Development

2019/08/20 16:40
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 Let’s take a look at what the general departments, professional technology institutes and general assembly departments have done.

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Under the new situation of “integration of IT application and industrialization” including intellectualization, big design, big simulation and big test, the original industrial model that “the relevant departments only manage the affairs within their scope of responsibility” has brought invisible obstacles to the collaborative design of overall and sub systems, digitalization penetration of design and manufacturing and exchange and training of scientific and technological talents, and the existence of information isolated island, technology isolated island, islets of ability and talents isolated island can no longer support the sustainable development of “high quality, high efficiency and high benefit”. How can we solve these deep-seated problems that restrict the long-term development of defense equipment? Let’s take a look at what the general departments, professional technology institutes and general assembly departments have done.

In April of this year, Missile General Design Department and Missile Assembly Institute set up cooperation mechanisms for the integration of design process, digitalization of production and manufacturing, and intellectualization of product testing. The leaders of both sides personally coordinated the resolution of the “the last mile problem” including mobilization of digitized drawings in the workshop, production line test data sharing in different places and so on, fully breaking through the collaborative development of design and manufacturing between the general departments and general assembly departments and connecting the whole chain of design, process, production, general assembly and test.

Subsequently, they shifted their focus to the bidding responsibility order. The general departments, professional technology institutes and general assembly departments have established several dynamic integrated product teams (IPT) in the general departments to jointly strive to make technological breakthrough and conduct scheme design so as to quickly realize the iterative optimization of design schemes and transform the professional capabilities and technical advantages of units into the competitive advantages in the whole field.

Talents Exchange Forms Industrial Cooperation Force

“Business brings up talents and talents support business”. To promote win-win development in the field of equipment, we must make joint efforts in talent strategy.

In the first half of this year, Missile Assembly Institute assigned 11 excellent designers and technologists represented by professional leader to Missile General Design Department to study and research with its designers so as to promote the optimization and upgrading of structural design, test technologies and environmental test.

Missile General Design Department assigned 5 excellent designers represented by Vice Chief Designer to Control Institute for exchange and in-depth study of optoelectronic products processes, quality assurance methods to jointly sort out and control the quality evaluation criteria for “high-complexity, high-precision and high-risk” products so as to improve the quality and efficient of equipment delivery.

Two-way temporary posts system for talents is adopted by Missile General Design Department and Missile Manufacturing Institute to improve the key indexes and verification means of detection technologies, speed up the construction of large-scale simulation pattern of system connection in different places, enhance the equipment capacity and promote the intensive development of design and test resources.

Deep Cooperation to Promote Win-win Development

The new round of deep cooperation in the field of equipment of SAST regards “high quality, high efficiency and high benefit” as the starting point and goal and it has achieved initial results in professional core competence, quality control ability and intelligent manufacturing level.

Missile General Design Department and Missile Assembly Institute have completed the factory process optimization of digital three-dimensional model of structural parts, and the big data platform for remote testing has been achieved point-to-point direct push, as well as the data management scheme for full life cycle of the equipment has been researched and developed. Missile General Design Department and Missile Manufacturing Institute have jointly carried out the application research of new detection technology and smoothly promoted the construction of the hardware-in-the-loop simulation laboratory. Designers from Missile General Design Department and Control Institute prepared a report on the production process of optoelectronic products, clarifying the improvement methods for monitoring the key characteristics of products, and smoothly promoted the delivery of supporting products. At present, Missile General Design Department, Missile Assembly Institute, Missile Manufacturing Institute and Control Institute have formed a normal talent exchange and training mechanism and established a talent training framework in the integration of design and process for SAST.

“In virtue of wind, it’s time to sail.” General departments, professional technology institutes and general assembly departments are three carriages on the way to the major power in space and an integral whole with a common destiny. By doing so, a good atmosphere of opening up and cooperation, mutual benefit and reciprocity and common development will be certainly formed in the field of equipment of SAST, contributing wisdom and strength to the construction of “two world-class”.




Author: Yang Yanzhou