Intelligent “Aerospace” Technology Assists with the Construction of Suzhou Smart City

Intelligent “Aerospace” Technology Assists with the Construction of Suzhou Smart City

2019/08/15 01:34
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In the busy Gusu District, ensuring the smooth public traffic is an important factor to solve the “urban disease”.

On Huanti Road, Gusu District of Suzhou City, the vehicles parking on the roadside looked very common. At this time, a young man swept the roadside QR code, sat in the car, and left away. Then a “bar” that had never been seen before appeared in the middle of the parking space, and theblue frame surrounding the black-and-yellow device closely fitted the pavement. This scene has clearly become a new landscape in the city.

This device is the on-street wireless intelligent parking lock developed by Factory 149 of SAST together with the traffic police brigade of the public security subbureau of Gusu District and Jiangsu Ruolin Link Technology Co., Ltd., and has been used in 50 parking spaces as a pilot project. It realizes the unattended daily management of road parking spaces, reduces the traffic management pressure of cities, and promotes the happiness of citizens for life.

In the busy Gusu District, ensuring the smooth public traffic is an important factor to solve the “urban disease”. On-street parking is generally achieved by using the non-motorized vehicle lane in the spacious one-way lane in urban roads. Therefore, when there is no vehicle on the road, the wireless intelligent parking lock can automatically keep flush with the ground. In this way, it will neither cause safety hazard nor affect the normal running of non-motorized vehicles, and ensures the safety of the people on the road.

Relying on the cloud platform of the system, the information of parking spaces can be inquired through an APP in real time, thus reasonably guiding the vehicle route and further relieving the pressure of public traffic. On the other hand, for any abnormality, vehicle owners can also seek help through the independent service or the online customer service, and get the treatment suggestion and emergency rescue within the shortest time.

According to the estimation after application, this intelligent device will be more intelligent and advanced than manual management and watch, and the cost can be reduced by 60%. Suzhou, as the first region trying the product, will exert a great demonstration effect and bring new impetus for the subsequent construction of a smart city.


Source of some materials: Watch Suzhou app

Author: Fan Wenchao