150 IOT Products Boost Intelligent Pipeline Construction of Singapore Power

150 IOT Products Boost Intelligent Pipeline Construction of Singapore Power

2019/03/31 22:03
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Recently, the IOT core product SG-TCU intelligent controller which was developed by the research & development team of Aerospace Energy in two years has passed the one-year validation and trial operation of PowerGas. At present, the product has been installed at 100 sites and 150 products have been formally put into operation. Later, the company will place an order of 350 sets. This marks the substantial breakthrough made by Aerospace Energy in the Belt and Road Initiative construction.

Along with the persistent growth of fuel gas supply in Singapore, PowerGas is facing many challenges in operation, including gas supply safety, operation safety and emergency safety. The current SCADA system can’t meet the requirement for monitoring and operation, and routine patrols by man can’t timely find out and respond to security events. PowerGas is in an urgent need of an IOT intelligent product to solve the above problems. In April 2018, Aerospace Energy successfully developed SG-TCU intelligent controller and SGPAS pressure management system, and won the first prize in the competitive bidding with rival companies in Britain and Singapore.

During the development, Project Team of Aerospace Energy consulted more than 20 suppliers at home and abroad about the selection of button board material of thin film display, and changed more than 10 materials. Finally, it satisfied the user’s requirement that “the thin film display screen shall be clear without yellowing, and can work reliably without quick ageing after long-term working in the environment with ultraviolet rays”. Technical Manager Wang Zhouxun said, “In order to maintain the long-term normal operation of the product in the environment with high humidity and underground environment with serious water seepage, we conducted more than 20 short-term tests and 3 long-term tests, and made persistent improvements. Finally, we realized the objective of working normally 1.5m underwater for 6 months without water seepage.”

The SG-TCU intelligent controller custom-made by Aerospace Energy has solved the problem of lack of network, failure of access to regulation station, inadequate capacity for energy supply, and difficulty in data collection, calculation and transmission in local Singapore. The company’s person in charge Zhang Tiejun said, as a core product with proprietary intellectual property rights, the successful application of SG-TCU in the project of Singapore has milestone significance, marking that the research & development ability of Aerospace Energy has been leading among the counterparts.

Source: Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology