Airshow China | various equipment of the 8th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was displa

Airshow China | various equipment of the 8th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was displa

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2018/12/20 23:30
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The advanced philosophy of "joint operation of all arms, fast and flexible response ability, efficient information sharing and processing capacity, and integrated command and control" is proposed for the future IT-based warfare. At the show, the weaponry of the 8th Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation displayed include LY-80 extended-range, FB-20, FN-16J, and FN-16 man-portable air-defense missile weaponry, FN-M Hidden Blade small-scale and multi-tasking missile weapon system, and many other advanced weaponry. With the "open, sharing, and interconnection" core system, the equipment can be arbitrarily, fast, and systematically integrated. In the meanwhile, the equipment also has its own features, and has the ability for independent fighting according to different tasks.

LY-80 extended range air-defense missile system is a kind of advanced intermediate range battle area air defense missile system. It can effectively intercept the air targets within a distance of 70km and a flight level of below 20km, and can be used for point air defence, regional field air defense, and mobile aerial defence. It can damage high performance combat aircrafts, cruise missiles, air-to-ground guided missiles and helicopter gunships in all weathers in high density raids with strong electromagnetic interference.

FB-20 air-defense missile system can effectively intercept the helicopter gunships and UAVs with a flight level of 10m ~ 8km and a distance of 1km ~ 18km, and it can also intercept cruise missiles and fixed-wing aircrafts. It can undertake the follow-up and accompanying air defense coverage tasks for mechanized/motorized troops and mountain troops, and provide short distance/terminal air safety guarantee for the marching, assembling, spreading, offence and defense of the accompanying army. It can also form a defense system together with intermediate-long range antiaircraft weapons to undertake the short distance defensive task of point air defense and other important targets.

FN-16 man-portable air-defense missile system is the new generation man-portable air-defense missile system which can adapt to the future war environment. It can intercept the low altitude and very low altitude fixed-wing aircrafts, helicopters, cruise missiles and UAVs with a flight height of 10m ~ 4km and a distance of 500m ~ 6km. The missile adopts the new type of quasi imaging self-homing device, all digital design, laser proximity fuse, high-energy engine and similar advanced technologies. It can be left unattended after launch, and has a strong anti-interference ability, large battle sky, and a strong ability to combat tiny targets, and is easy and simple to handle, cheap for maintenance, and upgradable, and can provide effective air defense coverage for various fighting troops and vital areas.

FN-16 remote control supported weapon system is provided with four FN-16 missiles, and has remote control, follow-up control, fire control, infrared target tracking and double launching functions. It's mainly used for point air defense on mountain tops, building tops, and airports, and can also be used on on-board and carrier based systems. FN-16 remote control supported weapon system has very flexible configuration. Under the typical combat model, its portable fire control system and launcher system can form a fire unit, and can be used for independent fighting when connected with external object detection information. When connected with a portable search radar, three fire units can be networked in fighting to improve the operational effectiveness.

FN-M Hidden Blade light and small-scale multi-tasking missile weapon system is a kind of multi-tasking weapon system which can be used to effectively intercept the mosquito crafts, vehicles and helicopters within a distance of 3km, as well as light and small-scale UAVs within a distance of 1.5km. It can be used for man-portable, UGV and UAV operations.


The exhibits of the 8th Research Institute can form a fire resistance system for "middle distance, short distance, and terminal layer universal interception, connected firing ranges, and various systems" through the powerful control and communication system of the air defense operation system according to user's different aerial defence requirements, and realize the overall and fast improvement of the operational effectiveness.