CZ-2D carrier rocket succeeded in launching 14 satellites

CZ-2D carrier rocket succeeded in launching 14 satellites

2023/06/08 15:17
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At 11:14 on January 15, 2023, CZ-2D Y71 carrier rocket was launched successfully at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, sending 14 satellites (Qilu-2, Qilu-3, Luojia-3 01, Jinzijing-3, 4 and 6, Jilin-1 MF02A 03, 04 and 07, Gaofen-03D-34, Haihe-1, Wolfman, Beiyou-1, and Tianzhi-2D) into the preset orbit, marking a complete success of the mission.


The CZ-2D carrier rocket executing the mission is a 2-stage liquid rocket with propellant at normal temperature developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, with the characteristics of high reliability, excellent economical efficiency, and strong adaptability, and can support various forms of launch demands, such as single satellite, and multiple-satellite parallel connection, series connection and carrying. The carrying capacity at sun-synchronous orbit can reach 1.3 tons (orbit altitude: 700km).


This mission is an attempt made by CZ-2D model to implement the “shared” launch mode, and the 14 satellites are developed by 7 institutions. In respect of the multiple satellite-rocket interface requirements put forward by different satellite providers, such as the vertical, side-mounted, and cube satellites, the model made full use of the available envelope of the fairing, gave full play to the advantages in the selective assembly of various general chemical capsule sections, and newly developed an ESPA general satellite adapter, formed the combined configuration of multiple-satellite series and parallel connection +side-mounting, and solved the difficulties in the configuration layout of rockets. Meanwhile, it also provided a general solution for the cluster emission of small satellites for the follow-up missions, to shorten the design and production cycle, respond faster, and meet the increasingly vigorous launch demands of micro-nano satellites.


To ensure that the mission can be successfully implemented as scheduled, the model project office has taken active measures to make preparations, organize and convene the team committee expansion conference in the first place, calling on all team members to unify their thoughts, gather strength, overcome difficulties, and forge ahead with determination, to guarantee that the launch mission of the CZ-2D Y71 carrier rocket can be successfully completed.


This mission was implemented at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center under the coldest climate conditions throughout the year, and was largely hit by the snowfall and sharp decrease in temperature, especially when approaching the launch day, posing a severe test to the guarantee of low-temperature launch. To ensure the success of the mission, the model team organized all systems to implement “double thinking” and review, look for weak links, and take lots of coping measures, including strengthening protection for outdoor equipment, adding insulating layers for the engine capsule, blowing into the capsule, heating the vernier rocket engine, increasing the initial temperature of the propellant, delaying pre-launch removal of feeding pipes and platforms, and also made pre-launch programs, to guarantee that the measures can be implemented in place, and disposal can be implemented in order.


This is the 74th launch of the CZ-2D carrier rocket, the 182nd launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 462nd launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets.