Getting off to a good start! Shijian-23 Satellite was launched successfully!

Getting off to a good start! Shijian-23 Satellite was launched successfully!

2023/01/11 10:48
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At 06:00 on January 9, 2023, Shijian-23 satellite was launched successfully by Long March 7A carrier rocket at Wenchang Space Launch Center, and was accurately sent to the preset orbit, marking a complete success of the launch mission, and also ushering in a good start of Chinese space launch missions in 2023! Shijian-23 satellite is developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, to implement scientific experiments, and technical verification, etc.


Systematic planning, and joint response to challenges
Completing the development of model products efficiently

In the early bidding and project approval of the model, the development team aimed at the direction, and benchmarked with the pioneers with a broad vision, arranged the key technical demonstration in advance, made full preparations, reserved strength, kept close communication with users, and continuously optimized the system solution through repeated iteration. During the six months of preparation, the team always stayed true to the original goal, and forged ahead without hesitation.

After winning the bid, the team fully devoted to the development of the model, but the short development period posed a huge challenge to the team. In respect of how to complete the mission efficiently with high quality, and ensuring first-attempt success considering the new model, new mission, and complex test verification for multiple operating conditions, the model team made an elaborate plan for the key technologies and short-term projects, and implemented them accurately, and also built a staged full-coverage verification approach by focusing on the verification of 12 mission-oriented key technologies. In addition, the team also optimized the full-cycle development process, and left more time to the load unit. The core backbones held their posts in other cities, to follow up production, and work together with the key load developing institution, to ensure that the main line plan can be promoted orderly.


Shanghai was severely hit by the pandemic when the satellite was about to conduct flight model large tests and comprehensive tests. By adhering to the principle of “working wherever the model task is assigned”, the core personnel remained at their posts under the lead of the chief commander and chief designer, gave full play to their comprehensive skills and undertook multiple responsibilities, and played a key role at the critical moment, fully promoting the success of all model tests, and finally accomplishing an increasingly perfect product. At this moment, the team is one step closer to their dreams.


Highest standard, and strictest requirements
Ensuring the success of the mission with high quality

During the first cooperation with Wenchang Space Launch Center and Long March 7A carrier rocket, the satellite development team strictly implemented the quality verification system planning requirements of the launch site, adhered to the principle of “ensuring the success of the mission, strengthening process control, and controlling residual risks”, and carried out a series of production assurance work at the launch site as per the highest standard and the strictest requirements.


To ensure the success of the mission, the development team persisted in implementing “three meetings and one verification” based on the working procedure integrating technology, production assurance and planning, and also planned and completed a series of work, including 12 technical safety inspections, and the verification of 20 compulsory checkpoints. The 174 quality verification forms with detailed data and clear responsibilities have guaranteed that the product state is verified in place, and the process is traceable. Meanwhile, the team also completed 11 “four-inspection” projects and multiple rounds of “double thinking” work, reflective and review work, ensuring zero defects and errors in work at the launch site.


In this courageous and competent team, there are passionate and vigorous young backbones, senior engineers who escort and make silent contributions in the entire process, "well-experienced" directors who are familiar with their subjects and have a good understanding of the state, meticulous and objective quality pioneers, highly-motivated assembly operators with unique skills in the new era, and model dispatchers who work together for proper assurance. Their hard work has demonstrated the determination of pioneers and their unyielding perseverance, giving a satisfactory answer to the success of the test mission.