Long March-2D Succeeds in Launching Yunhai-1 03 Satellite

Long March-2D Succeeds in Launching Yunhai-1 03 Satellite

2022/10/10 10:06
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Long March-2D launch vehicle succeeded in sending Yunhai-1 03 satellite into the preset orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 07:15 on September 21, 2022, marking a complete success of the launch mission

Yunhai-1 03 satellite is mainly used to detect atmospheric and marine environmental elements, and space environment, prevent disasters and reduce damages, and carry out scientific experiments and other tasks.

This is the 65th launch for Long March-2D launch vehicle, the 168th flight test for Long March series of launch vehicle designed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 438th launch of Long March series of launch vehicles.


65th Launch of the Gold Rocket over 30 Years


The Long March-2D launch vehicle executing the mission is a 2-stage liquid rocket with propellant at normal temperature designed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, with about 300t takeoff thrust, 1.3t carrying capacity at sun-synchronous orbit of 700km as well as the capacity to launch single and multiple satellites with different orbit requirements at Jiuquan, Xichang, and Taiyuan satellite launch centers.


This is the 8th launch mission of Long March-2D model, and also the first launch of the model at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center this year. On August 9, 1992, Long March-2D made its maiden flight at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and this is the 50th launch mission of Long March-2D at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Throughout the 30-year “space journey”, they have accompanied and guarded each other, and witnessed successive achievements. To adapt to the redundancy status of the ten-meter optical fiber IMU adopted by the electrical system for the first time at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the model team and the launch site worked together and made technical disclosures for several times, to ensure that communication was sufficient and effective, so that the two veteran comrades can meet the new status, and present a new look.


As a stable, safe and reliable gold rocket, Long March-2D carrier rocket has never stopped its steps to implement self-innovation, which has provided a strong impetus for the gold rocket to forge ahead on the New Long March. The model has adhered to the concept of continuous improvement, to strengthen and innovate the control system and power system, and enhance both the flight reliability and process optimization. Currently, Long March-2D launch vehicle is one of the models with the shortest work cycle at domestic launch sites, and its effective working time can be shortened to 10 days.


Ushering in the prime of its life in its thirties. Based on the characteristics of “high reliability, high safety, and short cycle”, Long March-2D carrier vehicle will “make continuous efforts” in the next few years, to enter a high-density launch mode of over 10 launches averagely per year. For this purpose, the model has adopted a general concept throughout the entire development cycle, adhered to the idea of batch design, production and testing, and further promoted the de-missioning design of the rocket, while carrying out de-missioning design for various states, to make Long March-2D launch vehicle flexibly deploy the basic stages.


Digital design collaboration of satellites, improving development efficiency


Yunhai-1 03 satellite took the lead in achieving digital applications in the overall design, product development, assembly process management, etc., becoming a pioneer in the entire process of satellite digitization. The model applied 3D digital design platform for collaborative design during the development process, and also established multi-disciplinary and multi-level 3D digital models. Meanwhile, it also combined the full-cycle information management platform, realized the digital information transfer and process control in various aspects, such as product production, delivery and acceptance, assembly and integration, significantly improving the efficiency of satellite development.


As one of the pilot models for professional testing, Yunhai-1 03 satellite has always taken the lead in professional testing: the electrical testing rules were promoted for application in other models as a prototype, and the platform testing personnel were significantly streamlined by quantifying testing requirements. In addition, some testing contents were optimized based on sufficient demonstration, and compared with the preceding satellites, the ground equipment commissioning time of 03 satellite was shortened by 60%, its pre-launch power-up time was reduced by 20%, its testing time at the launch site was shortened by 10%, and its testing personnel were reduced by 15%.

Yunhai-1 03 satellite replaced traditional conference reviews with the form confirmation system in its delivery and transfer, and in order to guarantee the successful completion of work at the launch site based on accurate data and analysis, the model planned 29 delivery confirmation items, and formed 167 forms; planned 18 launch site confirmation items and formed 299 confirmation forms. The model team adhered to the strict, prudent and practical work styles and the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts, and filled out all the planned forms one by one, which have supported the delivery and transfer confirmation, and significantly improved both work quality and execution efficiency.


In the face of unexpected situations, such as the outbreak of the pandemic in various regions, the satellite test team took multiple measures to guarantee that the plan can be stably implemented. During the first week at site, the team members completed one-week workload in only three days and a half, compensating the impact caused by pandemic quarantine and the late departure of special trains. In addition, the project office refined the personnel allocation, rationalized the work plan and broke through the barriers in the division of labor, which have significantly shortened the work time in the technical area of the launch site, and guaranteed the launch of the satellite as scheduled.