CZ-2D succeeds in launching Yaogan 35-05 satellite

CZ-2D succeeds in launching Yaogan 35-05 satellite

2022/09/20 09:11
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At 12: 19 on September 6, 2022, CZ-2D Y67 launch vehicle succeeded in launching Yaogan 35-05 satellite into the preset orbit at Xichang Satellite Launch Center, marking a complete success of the launch mission.

CZ-2D launch vehicle is a 2-stage liquid rocket with propellant at normal temperature developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology. Its takeoff thrust can reach to about 300 tons, and its carrying capacity at sun-synchronous orbit can reach to 1.3 tons (orbit altitude: 700km), with the capacity to launch single or multiple satellites at the same time.


Yaogan 35-05 satellite is mainly used in scientific experiments, territorial resource surveys, yield estimation of agricultural products, disaster prevention and reduction, etc. The general development of the satellite was respectively undertaken by China Academy of Space Technology and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology.


CZ-2D development team adhered to de-modeling and de-tasking, and also unified electric system as well as primary and secondary sub-level product status. In addition, it also adopted rolling batched production, to effectively guarantee product stability and rocket capacity. Meanwhile, by optimizing process at the launch site, and arranging full-time launch test team of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, etc., human resources were utilized in a more reasonable and effective way, to stably promote the qualified completion of the mission under the situation of high-density launch Missions.


This is the 64th launch of CZ-2D launch vehicle, the 167th flight test of Long March series of launch vehicle developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and also the 436th launch of Long March series of launch vehicle.


Yaogan 35-05C satellite development team adhered to the concept of “only by success can we focus on development, only by striving can we achieve development, and only by innovation can we sustain development”, and worked together to march forward. With the determination to overcome all obstacles, they make full use of every minute, and work overtime to overcome heavy task, tight schedule and the shortage of personnel, and minimize the impact of the pandemic on model development in Shanghai, Xichang, Beijing and Xi’an.


The satellite development team cut down the schedule, and shortened the development period by 70% than traditional satellites, and the test time at the launch site by 80%, and completed product acceptance, general assembly, tests, etc. with high quality, high efficiency and high benefits, and also achieved the objective of delivering the satellite 20 days after load delivery and completing tests in the technical area of the launch site within 1 week, and guaranteed the success of the model mission.