Seven straight victories! CZ-4B rocket is launched successively

Seven straight victories! CZ-4B rocket is launched successively

2021/07/05 09:34
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At 12:03p.m. on May 19, 2021, CZ-4B Y-48 launch vehicle blasted off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and succeeded in sending HY-2D satellite into the preset orbit, achieving a huge success

The CZ-4B rocket for the launch task is the normal temperature liquid three-stage launch vehicle developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, with excellent performance, extensive usage as well as the capacity to launch multiple satellites and single and multiple satellites with different orbit requirements. Besides, its solar synchronous circular orbit carrying capacity can reach to 2.5 tons (orbit altitude: 700 km).

To cope with the high temperature brought by the window at noon in summer, CZ-4B test team has adopted a series of safeguard measures with the cooperation of the launch site, to ensure that the temperature of the propellant can meet the launch requirements. Meanwhile, designers have also carried out huge amounts of investigation about the landing zone in the early stage as per the safety requirements for the landing zone of the mission, and adopted trajectory optimization design, to ensure safety in the landing zone.

CZ-4 model is assigned with heavy tasks in 2021, and this is the 7th launch mission this year. In the face of the high-intensity missions, the model team has made constant endeavors to search for the weak link, identify risk points, summarize experience and implement fast, achieving straight victories.

For the full-time launch test team of launch vehicle in Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, it’s their second time to execute the launch test mission at the launch site. The team adheres to “safe, accurate, professional, normalized and efficient” working mode, and regards “risk identification, effective control measures, reliable product quality” as the standard, to make sure that all stages of launch test for the launch vehicle can be implemented in order, in which the “technical support team” formed by chief designers of all systems has provided sufficient technical support and assurance for all work at the launch site.


Developed by China Academy of Space Technology, HY-2D satellite will provide major support for marine disaster prevention and mitigation, meteorology, traffic and scientific application, etc.

This launch is the 76th launch of the CZ-4 series of launch vehicle and the 134th launch of the CZ series of launch vehicles developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and also the 370th launch of CZ series of launch vehicle.