Product description
  • SMU series milling machine


SMU series milling machine is a product that has been optimized for many times, This series are rich in configuration which users can choose according to actual needs. There are two forms of workbench, namely the rigid workbench and the rotary workbench. The machine is used as the three axis vertical machining center when the customer selects a rigid workbench, and a fourth axis is available to realize four axis linkage; If equipped with rotary workbench, then the machine changes into a cradle type five axis five linkage machining center, At the same time ,there are options of 40/60 tool library. The machine can be widely used in the fields of automobile, mold, aviation and spaceflight to achieve the Machining of complex surface parts. 

SMU series five axis universal milling machine is a compact vertical five axis machining center, the salient feature of the milling machine is its innovative structure, the whole lathe bed casting of the machine is designed by the method of computer optimization to form a compact structure. The layout of the structure is reasonable in which all the main parts are distributed with a plurality of ribs and stiffeners, and adopts structure of Symmetrical temperature and symmetrical mechanical. Also, it has the advantages of good rigidity, high torsion strength, good thermal stability and high precision. All axes are driven by digital technology, forming a closed loop control, and the fast move speed of linear axis is 30m/min, At the same time, there are different spindle power torque to choose, and the maximum speed goes up to 18000rpm, showing an excellent dynamic performance.

  • VMW series machining center


VMW series machining center can achieve machining from 3-axis milling to 5-axis linkage, to meet the needs of complex surface processing. So it’s widely used in aviation, aerospace, ship, mold, automobile and other industries, at the same time, profiting from the wide internal processing space, it’s especially suitable for the processing of large size work pieces. The configuration of the machine is rich,  users can choose the configuration according to actual need ,for example, a linear motor to drive X, Z axis to confirm higher dynamic response characteristics, greater acceleration and faster feed rate to give our customer a high-efficient processing.

VMW series vertical five axis machining center adopts high stability integral bed structure and the column uses a structure of  box in the box. The Y, Z axis is embedded in the column, along with the column integral movement, to guarantee the accuracy. Also, a torque motor direct drive with high precision grating improves the accuracy of c axis evidently. At the same time, the high speed and high torque electric spindle (independent research and development) ensures the high torque cutting needs.

  • 3D increasing-decreasing composite manufacturing center

3D increasing-decreasing composite manufacturing center integrates laser printing and metal cutting. It uses metal powder(Metal particle group with size less than 1mm), granule or wire as raw material, pre-lays the model by CAD, and builds up by burning and covering materials with high power laser beam. At the same time, the precision machining of complex curved surface can be realized by using the technology of CNC machine tool cutting, which can meet the requirement of machining and completely change processing of traditional metal parts, especially for that difficulty of  machining or with complex configuration. It has particular advantages in the processing of impeller, blade, marine propeller, engine crankshaft, mold, etc, and can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, mold, medical and other industries.

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