1Nm Large Torque Reaction Flywheel

Product description

As the first domestic high motor torque reaction flywheel, 1Nm Large Torque Reaction Flywheel is the key component of satellite attitude control system, has the characteristics of output torque not less than 1Nm, mass less than 11kg and life( include the storage life and the On-orbit operation life) can be 3~8 years. It has been applied for different medium and small satellites. China began to design flywheel in the late 70s, and has experienced more than 20 years of development till now. Various flywheels that can be applied in the satellite with different control modes and different uses have gradually formed. The development and manufacture of flywheels have already formed into scale and industrialization. The technology of 1Nm Large Torque Reaction Flywheel is in the domestic leading level and the international advanced level. The product has won the gold award of technical innovation achievement in Shanghai excellent invention competition, which is suitable for medium and small size agile satellites.


Maximum Angular Momentum(absolute value) :  15Nms

Constant Deviation of Angular Momentum: 0.005Nms

Angular Momentum Control Error: 0.002Nms

Maximum Reaction Torque:1Nm

Maximum rotation speed: 1500rpm

Working temperature: -10~45

Mass: 11kg

Dimension : φ337mmX128mm

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1Nm Large Torque Reaction Flywheel