FN Series

Product description

FN-6 MANPAD missile

FN-6, a portable air defense missile weapon system with infrared guidance, is capable of omni-directional attack, anti-infrared decoy interference against air target at low and very low altitude. With eyesight or the assistance of optical aiming device, it can effectively intercept fighter, fighter-bomber, and armed helicopter and other low or very-low altitude targets.

The missile system can be installed on vehicles in multi-cell launchers to form an independent fire unit and increase fire intensity.

Being equipped on ships or armed helicopters, the missile system can be used as ship-to-air or air-to-air missile.

By hybridizing the FN-6 missile system with other air-defense missiles and anti-aircraft guns, a new integral air-defense. 



FN-16 MANPAD missile

FN-16 is the new generation MANPAD missile. The missile uses IR & UV dual color qusi-imaging seeker, laser proximity fuze, it features high anti-decoy capability, larger combat area, easier  operation and so on.



FN-16J Remote Control

FN-16J, loaded with four rounds of FN-16 missiles, has the capabilities of fire control, infrared target tracking, remote control, servo control and double-missile salvo firing. 


It is mainly used for air defense of important places like airport when being deployed on the top of the building and the mountain. It is also applicable to being mounted on the vehicle or the ship.





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