Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite(SAR)

Product description

Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite(SAR)is a high resolution compact X-band SAR satellite with advanced radar sensors that can operate under any weather or visibility conditions and in multiple operation modes. Features of agile, rapid response, and low cost, SAR Satellite is developed through flight proven technologies and equipped with off-the-shelf instruments. SAR Satellite is conceived as the best candidate to meet civil (environment, civil protection, Oil&Gas) and specific targets identification (Airplanes, Ships, vehicle, bridges, pipelines).    

SAR Satellite builder, SAST (Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology) has teamed with professional SAR engineers to provide a turn-key space-borne system which aims at satisfying the specific requirement of customers through every step of satellite manufacturing, launching, and applications.

Technical Overview:

Orbit altitude (500~600Km)

Active array X Band antenna with steerable beam

Multiple imaging operation modes (ScanSAR, StripMAP, Spotlight)

High spatial resolution up to 1m 

Wide incidence angle (16°~53°)

Right & Left looking acquisition

Long lifespan design up to 8 years

Team up for constellation for high revisit frequency

Complementary to and interoperate with optical satellites


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