Product description

Shanghai Space Propulsion Technology Research Institute of SAST is the Centre of Competence for rocket propulsion systems within the group. The company has high performance rocket propulsion systems with single and multiple pulse technology.

As the technology leader for variable thrust, solid propellant, the company has developed the propulsion system of various kinds of guided missiles. It provides products with revolutionary new capabilities. The impressive performance capabilities are largely due to the missile’s disruptive propulsion system —a solid propellant, variable thrust with integral rocket booster. 

The advantages including:

  • Speed: High average speed
  • Flexibility: High flexibility with variable thrust adaptable to the mission requirements
  • Altitude: Large altitude range
  • Robust and simple: Robust design, simple to use and maintain

The company has developed various kinds of products, such as solid propellant ramjets and cost advantages propulsion system for small guided missile. All the products have already proven its performance and reliability in authoritative test flights.




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