LY-80N three-dimensional coordinates radar

Product description

LY-80N three-dimensional coordinates radar is an important constituent part in LY-80N ship-to-air missile weapon system. It can be used as surveillance radar for ship and provide the alarm information and interference investigation information of air and sea situation for the ship. It can also be used  for searching-guiding and provide accurate targets indicating information for the ship-based weapon system. It can discover and tracking variety types of air attack targets that need to be intercepted in the complicated environment, and provide the accurate targets three-dimensional coordinates data. 

Three-dimensional coordinate radar use advanced technique, such as one-dimensional phase-scanned planar array antenna, all solid-state transmitter, etc.. It has the fine ability of multi-targets and low-altitude. The radar designed with light-weight antenna and electronic static platform, and it has excellent suitability and reliability.

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