Product description

Long March 6 Launch Vehicle (LM-6) is a 3 stage cryogenic liquid Launch Vehicle,which is the first one accomplish flight in china’s New generation launch vehicle. Using “three horizon”(horizontal integral test, horizontal integral Satellite and Launch Vehicle docking , horizontal integral transportion and erection)test-launch mode to accomplish the quick-launch of liquid Launch Vehicle. mainly used to launch satellites for various purposes to sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) and low-earth orbit (LEO). It supports a variety of launch types including single, muti- satellites launch, Constellation Networking and supplementing launch satisfying different customer’s requirement.

The Overall length is 29m, Its lift-off weight is 103t. The first stage is 3.35m diameter, the second and third stage is 2.25m diameter. The maximum Payload capability is 1000kg for 700km SSO.

September 20, 2015, the first flight of LM-6 launch vehicle was perfect which inject twenty satellites into orbit accurately.

Two typical mechanical interfaces are provided including Φ660 and Φ937. 


The injection accuracy (3σ) of typical mission is as follows :
- Semi-major axis deviation(△a): ±5km
- Orbit eccentricity deviation(△e): ±0.002
- Inclination deviation(△i): ±0.08°
- Lead time: T0 + 18 months


LM-6 Launch Vehicle Launching


LM-6 Launch Vehicle erecting



1. Payload Fairing

2. SC

3. Adoptor

4. PSB

5. 3rd Stage

6. 3rd Stage engine

7. 2nd Stage kerosene Tank

8. 2nd Stage Oxygen Tank

9. 2nd Stage engine

10. Inter-stage Section

11. 1st Stage Oxygen Tank

12. 1st Stage Inter-tank Section

13. 1st Stage kerosene Tank

14. Tail Section

15. 1st Stage engine


LM-6 Launch Vehicle Configuration


Record of launch vehicle CZ-6



Launch Vehicle







Jilin-1 04/05/06








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