Microwave imager

Product description

The microwave imager is a full power radiation remote control system by adopting taper scan, two-point aperture antenna cycle correction, five frequencies, dual-polarization  and ten-channels. It consists of detector head, cold sky reflector, power distribution unit, CPU, pyrotechnics controller and scan driving controller. 

  • Frequency: 10.65, 18.7, 23.8, 36.5, 89 GHz
  • Swath: 1400 km
  • Dynamic range: 3 - 340K
  • Sensitivity: 0.5K
  • Efficiency of main beam: ≥94%
  • Calibration precision: ≤2.0K 
  • Ground resolution: 51km, 85km~9km, 15km
  • Weight: < 175kg
  •  Power consumption: long term 100W/peak 140W

The imager, carried on FY-3 satellite, is used to monitor and obtain hydrologic parameters to provide important service for the calamity weather forecast, rainstorm diagnosis, environment monitoring and military application.

  • Global  precipitation, especially summer rainstorm
  • Global cloud liquid state water content and cloud water phase state
  • Temperature of global land surface
  • Soil humidity
  • Sea ice and coverage
  • Global snow depth and slush equivalent
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