SAST Picosatellite Orbital Deployers

Product description

SPOD has been applied in the Long March Series Launch Vehicle successfully. The mission success rate is 100%. This production is a launch adapter for these pico- and nanosatellites that adheres to the CubeSat interface standard. This production is designed and qualified to support a payload of 1U~12U . During launch the satellites are completely enclosed by the SPOD Launch Adapter and are supported by the four CubeSat Feet at each end specified by the CubeSat interface standard. The SPOD provides the interface to the Launch Vehicle for the CubeSat(s).The door of the production is released by non-pyrotechnic device. The advantage of the product is low-shock and quick response. 

Performance index : 

        Payload mass:1.0kg~24.0kg

        Separation speed: 1m/s~2m/s

        Shock level: less than 200g

        Separation time: less than 2s




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