This is an important meeting announcement! Please remember to check!

This is an important meeting announcement! Please remember to check!

2019/08/27 11:38
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Eighth International Conference on Space Technology Innovation (Shanghai, China)


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International Academy of Astronautics, Chinese Society of Astronautics and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology will jointly hold the Eighth International Conference on Space Technology Innovation (Shanghai, China)in Shanghai from September 3 to 6, 2019. This session will focus on the theme of "Breakthrough Technological Innovation in Space", carry out in-depth discussions on relevant topics of space development, and further expand international cooperation in space field.

The conference includes keynote reports, technical sub-forums, exhibitions and other activities. It covers six areas: launch vehicle and launch technology, satellite payload and application, human space station and space exploration, space science and robotic space exploration, new models of new commercial space technology, disruptive technology and application. More than 200 experts and scholars from the world are expected to attend the conference.

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September 3, (Tuesday)




September 4, (Wednesday)

08: 00—08: 30



08:30—09: 00

Organizing Visits and Exhibitions


09:00—09: 30

The opening ceremony


09:30—10: 45

Keynote presentations



Keynote report 1: "The Belt and Road" the space information corridor helps the development of the aerospace.

Reporter: Yu Qi, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Department,China National Space Administration



Keynote report 2: Utilizing $pace Technology for the Benefit of Humanity on Earth and in Space

Reporter: Minoo Rathnasabapathy,Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Space Capability Research Group, Vice-Chairman,  International Astronautical Federation



Keynote Report 3: Strategic Research on the Development of Solar System Marginal Exploration

Reporter: Yu Guobin, deputy director and researcher of the China National Space Administration Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center


11:00—12: 40

Keynote Report



Keynote Report 4: Innovative Tasks of Space Science Exploration and Prospects for Future Development

Reporter: Meng Guang, Professor, Shanghai Academy of Aerospace Technology



Keynote report 5:The Forefront Innovation Caseson Space Engineering and Technologyof the European Space Agency

Reporter:Vladimir PlesterDirector of Space Training Operations, Blue Abyss, UK


Keynote 6: Development Status and Ideas of Optical Payloads for Meteorological Satellites

Reporter: Ding Lei, Director of Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Keynote Report 7: The Mission and Innovation of Chang'e-4, the First Soft Landing Exploration on the Back of the Moon

Reporter: Zhang He, Executive Director, China Academy of Space Science

12: 40—14: 00

Visit the exhibition

14: 00—15: 40

Keynote report


Keynote report8 : IntelligentRobotand VirtualReality

Reporter: Sato Shing, Director, Professor, Institute of Precision Engineering, Tokyo University of Technology, President of Japan Virtual Reality Society


Keynote Report 9: Current Situation and Prospect of China's Reusable Space Transportation System

Reporter: Wang Guoqing, Vice President and Chief Technician of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology


Keynote report10: Remotesensingusing reflectedGNSSsignal: IEEC' s activities

Reporter:FranciscoJosé Fabra Cerve11era, Doctor, Institute of Space Science, Catalonia, Spain



Keynote Note 11: Innovative Achievements of Rainbow Cloud Head Star

Reporter: He Quan, Second Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Keynote Report 12: Prospects for Innovative Development of Aerospace Flight Branch

Reporter: Wang Changqing, Vice President of the Third Research Institute of ChinaAerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd.

15:55—17: 15

Keynote report


Keynote Report 13: Progress of Ionospheric Detection Technology in China

Reporter: Bai Weihua, Research Fellow, Space Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Keynote report 14 : Photorealistic SimulationofComplexSystemasa FeedbackforDynamicControlSystems

Reporter: AmirShapiro, Professor and Director of Robotics Institute, Ben Gurion University, Israel


Keynote Report 15: Small Satellite Constellation

Reporter: Li Shouping, President, School of Law, Beijing University of Technology


Keynote Report 16: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Remote Sensing Satellite and Data Processing

Reporter: Yan Jun, Chairman of Zhuhai Obit Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd

September 5, (Thursday)



08: 30—12: 00

Technical Sub-Forum

1. Subforum on Space Science and Space Exploration

2. Subforum on Satellite Payload and applications

3. Subforum on New Mode and Launch Technology for Space Development

13: 30—17: 00

Technical Sub-Forum

1. Subforum on Space Science and Space Exploration

2. Subforum on Satellite Payload and Applications

3. Subforum on New Models of Space Development and Launch Technology

September 6, (Friday)

08: 00—12: 00

Technical Visit

12: 00—13: 30

The meeting ends




Supporting unit

China National Space Administration

China Aerospace Science and Technology Limited Corporation

China Aerospace Science and Industry Limited Corporation


International Academy of Astronautics

Chinese Society of Astronautics

Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology



“Journal of Astronautics”


Shanghai Astronautical Society
Shanghai Aerospace


Time of meeting

September3 to September6, 2019


Location of meeting

Shanghai Hongqiao Xinhua Union Sofitel Hotel

Address:No.666, Taihong Road, Minxing District, Shanghai


Language of meeting



Special tips


Please register on the conference website by August 28, 2019. The right to explain the relevant matters of this meeting shall be vested in the sponsor.



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