Our Mars "Big Butterfly" landed in Paris! So did Long March 8 carrier rocket, and full electric propulsion satellites......

Our Mars "Big Butterfly" landed in Paris! So did Long March 8 carrier rocket, and full electric propulsion satellites......

2019/06/20 23:45
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On June 17, the 53rd international Paris Air Show was launched. China Aerospace Science and Technology CorporationCASChad demonstrated the strength of China's space science and technology to international customers through various means. Zhang Zhongyang, member of the party group and deputy general manager of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, attended the air show.

At this exhibition, CASC mainly showcased carrier rockets such as Long March 2 D, Long March 3 B, Long March 7, Long March 11, commercial microwave remote sensing satellite, DFH-5 telecommunication satelliteand Mars probemodel.

At the same time, the products and applications oftelecommunication satellitesand remote sensing satellites, as well as the development of China in manned spaceflight, lunar exploration program, Mars exploration program, Beidou navigation Satellite System,low earth orbit constellationand international cooperationare also introduced through video and display panels.

It is reported that the external view of Long March 8 carrier rocketand DFH-3 full electric propulsion small GEO platformare exhibited for the first time in the international air show.

The Long March 8 carrier rocket is a new type of medium-sized launch vehicle with non-toxic and non-polluting propellants that is being developed by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. It is mainly designed forcommercial satellite launch missions with international competitiveness.

DFH-3 full electric propulsion small GEO platform is a new universal telecommunication satellite platform which is suitable for small-scale payload configuration with low development cost, low launch cost and short development cycle, developed by the China Academy of Space Technology in accordance with the current domestic and international market trends.

The Great Wall Industry Corporation, affiliated toCASC, is a commercial organization authorized by the Chinese Government to provide commercial launches, satellite systems, which is engaged in space technology cooperation. The person in charge of the corporation introduces that theautonomous ability of the whole chainfrom the space to the earth ensures that China Aerospace can customize mature and reliable products and services in various fields of aerospace according to customer requirements.

With full coverage of industrial capacity and high cost-effectiveadvantages, China Aerospace can provide customers with one-stop integrated services, including advisory services inorbit, frequency, space insuranceand other fields, as well as internationally competitive financing services and personnel training.China's aerospace products are becoming more and more competitive, and CASC has been committed to developing more competitive and advanced products for the international market.

CASC attaches great importance to its relationship with the European space industry and has always had close links with European space agencies and companies. China and the EU have established extensive cooperation in the fields of launching services, satellites, manned spaceflight and deep space exploration. In the future, the two sides will have more cooperation space in more fields, and cooperation will be more extensive and closer.

The International Paris Air Show was founded in 1909 and held every two years. It is one of the largest and most prestigiousinternational aerospace exhibitions in the world.

Source: Great WallIndustry Corporation, affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Group