China Space Day| Concentrating Power for the China Dream

China Space Day| Concentrating Power for the China Dream

2019/04/28 22:25
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China Space Day 2019

With the coming of the Fourth Space Day, the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology was unveiled, and made available to users, teenagers and the public, and was presented at "China dreams fly in space" Exhibition in Changsha, welcoming vast numbers of adolescents, and attracted nearly 100 excellent women from Shanghai to come and study. Aerospace has become an indispensable element of life.

Space +Exhibition

The achievements of 8th Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology are presented at "China dreams fly in space" Exhibition in Changsha

In Changsha, the main venue of China Space Day, the "China dreams fly in space"- China Aerospace Achievement Exhibition celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, as the backbone of China's Aerospace Industry and an important unit for the construction of Aerospace power, appeared with nearly 30 exhibits. Du Jiahao, Secretary of Hunan Provincial Committee, Xu Dazhe, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, and Director of National Space Administration Zhang Kejian,Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the National Space Administration, and Wu Yansheng, secretary and chairman of the Party Leadership Group of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group, were on-site briefed by Dai Shoulun, President of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, on the achievements of the development of the aerospace industry and the application of aerospace technology. Dai Shoulun said that standing in a new historical position, the Eighth Academy will continue developing the industry to repay the country, the belief of Aerospace power, strive to be committed to the mission, perseverance and independence, and make contributions to the construction of space powers.

Stepping into the exhibition area of "Dream Building Space - Space Heavy Vehicle" of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, we can see the FY serials satellites, including Repeatable Launch Vehicles, Deep Space Detectors and Exquisite Micro-and Nano-Satellites, which support the realization of a powerful meteorological country and won the industrial award of our country. the FY serials satellite, development led by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, crossing borders and serving the world. Its remote sensing data services are registered internationally by 95 countries, 47 of which are "the Belt and Road". The Typhoon Structure VR Observation System exhibited with FY serials satellites can display the thermodynamic model of typhoon dynamics through VR helmet, allowing the audience to observe the three-dimensional thermodynamic structure inside the typhoon. The visitors lined up here, too. In order to make weather forecast more accurate, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology is developing a follow-up FY satellites, which includes Fengyun 3, a Morning and Evening Star, two Afternoon Stars and a Low Inclination Precipitation Measurement Satellite. It can provide high-level services for global numerical weather forecasting, disaster warning, climate monitoring, air quality monitoring, ecological environment research, solar and space weather observation, precipitation forecasting, etc. The platforms and loads of Fengyun-4 02 and 03 Satellites were optimized to improve the observing ability and shorten the imaging time.

The exhibition also features Serialized Long March Launch Vehicle developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, New Generation Launch Vehicle First Flying Arrow Long March 6, CZ-6X ,Vertical Take-off and Landing Reusable Carrier etc, attracting a large number of space enthusiasts. The new vehicle, Expedition 3 Upper Level, is particularly noticeable among many launch vehicles. Its shape is closer to the aircraft, and has the ability of multi-satellite deployment in different orbits and rapid constellation networking. Its first flight ignites 21 times in orbit, and transports seven satellites to circular orbits with different altitudes.

Aerospace creates a better life. The products in the exhibition area of "Dream-Enjoying Technology -- Technology Application" of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology are especially popular. Smart energy products, such as High-Efficiency Gallium Arsenide Solar Cell, Flexible Thin-Film Solar Cell Module , Fuel Cell, etc., are the results of the state key laboratory of space power, It is now widely used; Friction Stir Welding New Energy Vehicle Battery Tray, Industrial Polishing Robot, Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment and other Intelligent equipment applied aerospace technology to high-end equipment manufacturing. Smart cluster unmanned airborne fire extinguishing system, vehicle-mounted radar system, low-altitude detection system and other products to services city, and make the city better and more intelligent

Aerospace + national flag

Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology held the flag-raising ceremony to enhance the sense of mission and responsibility

On April 24, early in the morning, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology and its subordinate units held a flag-raising ceremony, welcome the arrival of the fourth day of China's space, Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology secretary Zong Wenbo used his speech to call on everyone to write more brilliant and magnificent chapters in the great journey of realizing the space dream, the strong military dream, and the Chinese dream, and meeting the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China with excellent performance.

Minhang District "Growing under the National Flag" flag and patriotic preaching activities entered the Minhang Space City. Under the leadership of Youth from Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, the energetic elementary and middle school students raised the flag and marched at a vigorous pace to escort the national flag. Minhang District Youth used the patriotic theme of "Youth Heart to the Party and Dedication to the New Era" to jointly celebrate China Aerospace Day, stimulate patriotic enthusiasm, and enhance national self-confidence and pride.


source:Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology