Airshow China Inaugurated|182 latest achievements of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation were displayed

Airshow China Inaugurated|182 latest achievements of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation were displayed

2018/12/20 23:24
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On November 6, the 12th Airshow Zhuhai was held. President Xi Jinping wrote to express his congratulations on the successful holding of the Airshow and extend his warmest welcome to the representatives and entrepreneurs from all countries at the Airshow.  

President Xi Jinping pointed out in the letter that human beings have been yearning for the vast space since the ancient times, and the Chinese nation always has the dream of flight. Since the 19th century, the world aerospace technology has made tremendous successes, which has greatly promoted development and progress of the human civilization. As we advance toward the future, development of aerospace technology will certainly bring more benefits to mankind.  

President Xi Jinping stated that China has always been devoted to promoting development of aerospace technology together with all countries. With more than 20 years of efforts, Airshow Zhuhai has become one of the most influential professional aerospace exhibitions in the world, and plays a positive role in promoting the world aerospace technology development. We believe the Airshow will greatly promote the development of world aerospace technology, facilitate international exchanges and cooperation, and make contributions to enable people all over the world to share in the fruits of development of aerospace technology.  

The Airshow was held in the 40th year of China's policy of reform and opening up. This year also marks the beginning of the comprehensive implementation of the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress. As a dominant force in China's aerospace technology industry, a world top 500 enterprise, and one of the sponsors of the Airshow,China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation displayed 182 scientific and technological achievements made in these two years at the show.

On the day of curtain-up, State Council Member Wang Yong, CPPCC Vice-chairman Liang Zhenying, Director of Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission Li Shangfu, Party Committee Secretary of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council Hao Peng, Vice Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Community and Provincial Governor Ma Xingrui, Director General and Secretary of Party Committee of China Meteorological Administration Liu Yaming, Deputy Director General and Member of the Party Committee Branch of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, Wu Yanhua, and old leaders in the field of aerospace visited the exhibition area of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Secretary of Party Committee and Board Chairman of the Corporation, Wu Yansheng, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee Branch Fang Xiangming, Member of the Party Committee Branch and Vice-general Manager Zhang Jianheng, Yang Baohua, and Li Hong accompanied them during the visit.

The 19th CPC National Congress clearly proposed new requirements for developing the space industry and building China into a space power. Wu Yansheng said at the interview that: "Seizing on the opportunity provided by this Airshow, we will catch up with world first class spaceflight enterprises through international exchanges and cooperation, steadily improve our development ability in high-tech and innovation, more actively carry out our innovation-driven development strategy and military-civilian integration strategy in the future, ensure success with high quality work and finish the tasks efficiently, and promote building of a space power and national defense construction effectively. These are the missions and liabilities of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation."

The Corporation's movie for the Airshow, See the World, Let the World See, was also released on the day of the opening ceremony. It witnesses the Corporation's persistent efforts and outstanding achievements in developing the space for China and the whole world, maintaining the social peace and stability, and serving the people's livelihood.

The Corporation's exhibits at the Airshow have various highlights. In the field of space navigation, the Corporation specially displayed its achievements and future plans with regard tonew generation launch vehicles, satellites and their applicationaccording to the hot points of space navigation engineering and its follow-up development trend, and showed the Corporation's dream and image with a big dream, great capabilities and responsibilities.

Through real objects, models, interactive demonstration, and multimedia display, the Corporation displayed from various aspects in a three-dimensional way the new progress that we have made in the field of spaceflight, the important pushing effect of spaceflight to China's national defense construction and national economic development, as well as the future development trend of space technology through three exhibition areas, namely, space navigation, defence, and space technology application and service industry, spread spaceflight knowledge and aroused people's spirit of exploration and innovation.

The new generation launch vehicle series were displayed together for the first time. The new generation manned launch vehicle, new generation manned spacecraft, large launch vehicle, core module of space station, Chang'e-4 probe and Magpie Bridge relay satellite, and large thrust pump backswing liquid oxygen kerosene engine were displayed to the public for the first time. In particular, the new generation manned spacecraft and core module of space station displayed were real ones, which showed China's latest achievements in the manned spaceflight field and attracted numerous audiences to take pictures.

Beidou Navigation Systemcan support location-based service of civil aviation, marine fishery and precision agriculture. Satellite communicationbuilds an onboard internet.Remote sensingsatellites can serve land resources, ecological and environmental protection, and other applications. All these vivid cases show that aerospace technology has created a better life for us. China's first and largest commercial spaceflight construction project- -Hongyan satellite constellationfor global low-orbiting satellite mobile communication and spatial internet system, and Smart Dragonsmall launch vehicle which provides "special", "free ride" and "regular bus" commercial spaceflight launch service incubated in a completely commercial and executable way became a new bright spot among the commercial spaceflight exhibits at the show.

Some latest military trade productswith big demands at the international market were displayed at the show, which sufficiently displayed the Corporation's overall advantages in space and land services as well as integration of attack and defence. Most exhibits were displayed in series, and were arranged in high-end, medium-end, and low-end categories according to the demand of the international military trade market, forming a serial and modeled military trade product system.

CH-7 UAV, LQ-008 antisubmarine launching rocket system, LY-80 extended range model air-defense missile launch vehicle, TS-01 light multipurpose missile, small-scale multi-rotor UAV weapon system, and intelligent unmanned undersea surveillance detection network were also displayed for the first time. Besides, M ground-to-ground missiles, WS rocket projectiles, LY air-defense missiles, CH UAVs which were high spots in previous exhibitions were also displayed.

In the field of smart industry, energy conservation and environment protection, and intelligent equipment, the space technology application and service industry exhibition area displayed the key technical advantages and system integration ability in relevant areas, demonstrated the integrated solutions, cases, and engineering performance of local governments, central enterprises, and powerful enterprises in terms of space technology service, and comprehensively showed the leading role of space technology in economic development and people's life.

In particular, some projects closely serving national economies and social development, such as robot products, spaceflight pulverized coal pressure gasification device (model and demonstration), spaceflight waste pyrolysis disposal project (sand table), and hydrogen energy infrastructure system solution (sand table) were also displayed at the show. All these have fully showed the Corporation's positive role and important contributions in further promoting the innovation-driven and military-civilian integration strategy, serving national economic development, and shouldering social responsibilities.

At the show, the Corporation also presented its new technological achievements in recent years in various forms including real objects, models, VR demonstration, interactions, etc. In particular, at the show, various new media and technical means were adopted to introduce the exhibits through interactions for the public to feel the fascination of aerospace technology personally, thereby deepening their knowledge about space technology.

During the show, the Corporation also had project contract signing activities. The Corporation also attended and sponsored China International Aviation & Aerospace Forum, Macao International Aerospace Forum, Sino-European Aerospace Enterprise Matchmaking Symposium and other exchange activities. The aerospace undertaking of China will be further internationalized and industrialized