Long March 4C launch vehicle was successfully launched with Shiyan-23 satellite

Long March 4C launch vehicle was successfully launched with Shiyan-23 satellite

2024/05/20 15:13
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At 7:43 AM on May 12, 2024, the Long March 4C launch vehicle successfully placed Shiyan-23 satellite into the designated orbit at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, signaling a complete success of the launch mission. The satellite is primarily used for space environment exploration. Both the satellite and the launch vehicle for this mission are developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology. 



Long March 4C launch vehicle is a level 3 carrier rocket with liquid propellant of normal temperature. It has excellent performance and is widely used. For different types of satellites, the Long March 4 series of launch vehicles can adopt different launch plans. It has the single-satellite and multiple-satellite launching capabilities meeting the requirements of different types of orbits, as well as a payload capacity of 3 tons for deploying satellites into a 700-kilometer sun-synchronous orbit.


The launch vehicle development team has further strengthened the quality validation system and digital management, and adopted the quality validation system both during the release of launch vehicles and at the launch site. Before factory release, the development team analyzed each step of the launch vehicle development, production, and test processes and inspected them thoroughly. It also utilized a digital management system for model testing to confirm the processes online. During the work at the launch site, the team utilized a digital LDM system for launch site quality management, which integrates the on-site record forms and quality process validation forms into the digital management system for models, enabling paperless work and real-time dynamic monitoring. 

During the execution of the mission, the launch vehicle test team held regular confirmation meetings to complete all daily tasks at the launch site. In response to the characteristics of the mission and quality validation work, the test team clearly defined the tasks at hand, and assigned full-time quality supervisors to supervise the timely implementation and completion of these tasks.

This mission coincides with the International Labor Day on May 1. Even so, all members of the test team still held fast to their positions. With the “tenacious, pragmatic, united, and enterprising” spirit and a cautious attitude, they have ensured the complete success of this launch mission. Considering there may be strong winds and dust storms during the transition from spring to summer, they have proactively developed a wind and dust prevention plan. They implemented a series of wind and dust prevention measures, and conducted inspections to ensure their effective implementation.  Meanwhile, teams in both Jiuquan and Shanghai have coordinated with each other to develop multiple specialized review plans for the launch site work to ensure the work quality at the launch site meticulously.


This launch mission is the 104th launch of Long March 4 series of launch vehicles, the 210th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 522nd launch of Long March series of launch vehicles.