Long March 4C succeeds in launching two satellites

Long March 4C succeeds in launching two satellites

2023/06/08 15:31
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At 6:41 a.m. on March 10, 2023, Long March 4C Y51 carrier rocket blasted off from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, successfully sending Tianhui 6A and 6B satellites into the preset orbit, marking a complete success of the launch mission.


The Long March 4C carrier rocket executing the launch mission is a 3-stage liquid rocket with propellant at normal temperature developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, with excellent performance, and extensive usages. Long March 4C rocket can adopt flexible launch schemes for different types of satellites, and is capable of launching various types of satellites with different orbit requirements, and simultaneously launching one or multiple satellites. The carrying capacity at sun-synchronous orbit can reach 3 tons (orbit altitude: 700km). The launched satellites are chiefly developed by China Spacesat Co., Ltd., which is affiliated to China Academy of Space Technology.


This is the first launch mission of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology in the carrier field after the Spring Festival, and also the first flight for Long March 4C to adopt the new state with full redundancy design of attitude control. To complete the mission more efficiently with high quality under the current high-intensity launch trend, Long March 4C has constantly promoted the “re-analysis, re-design and re-verification (3R)” of former products, and upgraded the attitude control engine product considering its usability, reliability, security, etc. Meanwhile, it has also realized the redundancy of the three-way attitude control actuator in the non-linear section, and further strengthened the reliability, making it easy to complete all tasks at once.


Late spring cold hit Taiyuan in March, with the lowest temperature reaching -21℃. With the strong cooperation of the launch site, the model test team took insulation measures for the rocket and working personnel by sealing the bottom tower, increasing the supply air temperature, and gluing insulation layers on the firing and adapter modules, etc. Meanwhile, the test team also continued to hold regular “daily clearance” meetings at the launch site, to ensure that all issues could be addressed timely and well.

This is the 97th launch of the CZ-4 carrier rocket, the 183rd launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets developed by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and the 465th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets.

It is worth mentioning that, the characteristic logo of the model was unveiled for the first time on the rocket. The aesthetic Arabic number “4” highlights the unique mark of the golden rocket, of which the transverse line is the symbolic building in Shanghai, representing the birthplace of the rocket, while the longitudinal line draws the outline of the CZ-4 rocket. These two lines are connected by the exquisite three-section ballistic trajectory of the CZ-4 rocket, representing the characteristics of the 3-stage rocket; while the two stars represent that the CZ-4 has twice won the Special Award of the National Science and Technology Progress.