The Multi-Type Defense Equipment of the Eighth Institute Appears at the 2nd Egypt Defense Exhibition

The Multi-Type Defense Equipment of the Eighth Institute Appears at the 2nd Egypt Defense Exhibition

2022/06/29 13:52
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On November 29, 2021, the second Egypt Defense Exhibition opened in Cairo. The State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of China showed up as "Chinese military industry", further promoting the "going out" of China's superior military equipment. A batch of new defense equipment such as the LY-70 and FB-10A of the Eighth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation were exhibited in the defense exhibition with Long March International. 

LY-70 and FB-10A are the latest two types of air defense missile weapon systems developed by the Eighth Institute. Known as the "Transformers" in the air defense field, the LY-70 weapon system is an equipment which highly integrated search and follow phased array radar and photoelectric detection. It is equipped with active radar-guided medium- and short-range air defense missiles and passive infrared-guided short-range air defense missiles, forming active and passive cooperative combat patterns. The FB-10A missile weapon system adopts infrared imaging conductor system, which has a strong anti-infrared interference capability.  Both types of equipment use wheeled vehicle chassis, which have good maneuverability and strong adaptability. They can operate independently and form a coordinated network to meet the needs of air defense in different user cities and airports as well as the air defense missions of armored combat forces.

The two types of equipment firstly appeared at the Zhuhai Air Show in October 2021, and this time in an overseas international defense exhibition, attracting widespread attention. During the exhibition, senior generals from many countries visited the booth and showed a strong interest in the products, laying a good foundation for the follow-up market promotion.