Magnificent View, Annular Eclipse Shot by FY-4 in Space

Magnificent View, Annular Eclipse Shot by FY-4 in Space

2020/06/28 21:38
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Yesterday (June 21), on the Summer Solstice,annular eclipse showed in our country, attracting lots of people nationwide to observe and witness this rare astronomical landscape


FY-4A Meteorological Satellite, locatedat36,000km above the equator, also overlooked the land in a broad field of view, recording the changes of the moon under annular eclipse

▲Image shot by FY-4A Satellite on the afternoon of the 21st Day

▲Image shot by FY-4A Satellite on the afternoon of the 21st Day, showing obvious track of moon shadow


It happened to be Father’s Day yesterday, so “parents” who have cultivated FY-4 Satellite in Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology also forwarded this video to their circles of friends, and considered it as the best holiday gift ever from FY-4


▲Dong Yaohai, Chief Designer of FY-4 Satellite shared the image shot by the satellite in his circle of friends


As the new generation of high-orbit meteorological satellite developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, FY-4 Satellite is standing at a high and stable position, showing us a wide and clear view

Since it was successfully launched, a slew of fine images have been brought to us


From September 25 to September 28, 2017, 900 million users have watched the HD Cloud Atlas of the Eastern Hemisphere shot by FY-4A Satellite in spacein the login page

▲WeChat login page changed on September 25, 2017


In “lunar radiometric calibration”, FY-4 Satellite can alsotake a group photo of the earth and the moon, presenting us a new perspective to watch the moon

▲Group photo of the earth and the moon shot by FY-4A Satellite on October 3, 2017

▲True Color Composite Graph of the Moon Observed by FY-4A Satellite


Except for “shooting beautiful views” as its subtask, FY-4 also showed excellent performance in the main task ofmeteorological service


FY-4 Satellite can carry out observations with high resolutions in time, space and spectrum for the atmosphere, clouds and spatial environment in our country and surrounding regions, largely improving our capacity in weather forecast and climate prediction

▲FY-4A Satellite monitored Typhoon “Mangkhut” in September 2018

▲Monitoring Figure of FY-4A Satellite during the Flood in Sri Lanka in December 2019

▲FY-4A Satellite monitored Xichang and Muli fire conditions in March 2020

▲FY-4A Satellite monitored Typhoon “Nuri” in June 2020


FY-4 along with other members in FY series of satellites have exerted an essential effect on monitoring and forecasting major meteorological disasters, such as typhoons, rainstorms, severe convection weathers, sand storm, fire, and haze as well as monitoring and evaluating ecological environment, and assuring the period of major activities. They have made constantly new contributions to ensuring production, living and the life security of people in our country and surrounding regions, and promoting us to implement “the Belt and Road” Initiative



Source: WeChat Official Account ofChina Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation