CZ-3B succeeded in launching Beidou “Jixing”! One step away from global networking

CZ-3B succeeded in launching Beidou “Jixing”! One step away from global networking

2020/03/15 21:12
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One step away from global networking

On 19: 55 of March 9, CZ-3B lifted Beidou-3 GEO-2 Satellite up to the sky at Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and the satellite succeeded in entering the preset orbit soon afterwards, marking the success of the launching task!

▲CZ-3B was ignited and lifted off (photo by Nan Yong)

Another exciting newsfrom CASC in the key phase for the whole nation to fight against COVID-19!

Beidou-3 GEO-2 Satellite was developed by China Academy of Space Technology, and is the 54th satellite of Beidou system, the 29th satellite of Beidou-3, and belongs to the satellite of geosynchronous orbit (GEO), so it is affectionately known as “Jixing”. It has the most functions and signals, the biggest size and the longest service life in Beidou-3 satellite system.

▲CZ-3B was in general assembly (photo by Xiao Guojun)

The satellite will work together with the first “Jixing” (Beidou-3 GEO-1 Satellite) launched on November 1, 2018 to verify the active positioning function of the new Beidou system, and open a chapter to upgrade radio determination function comprehensively.

▲Group photo of Beidou test team members during missions (photo by Nan Yong)

After completing the launching mission, there is only one last GEO satellite leftfor Beidou-3 satellite navigation positioning system to complete global grouping. This satellite will be launched in May this year, and will finally realize 30-satellite launching network, and complete our construction of global navigation system six months in advance.

▲CZ-3B lifting process (photo by Xiao Guojun)

CZ-3Bfor thislaunch mission was developed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. In 13 yearsafter the first Beidou navigation satellite was launched in 2007, CZ-3A series have sent 54Beidou navigation satellites to preset orbits by 39launches, with 100% success.

▲CZ-3B was ready to launch (photo by Xiao Guojun)

This mission was the327th launch of Long March Launch Vehicles.



Source: WeChat Official Account of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation