ST-APS3-M-2 very high accuracy APS multi-star sensor Ⅱ

Product description


This product is the new generation of the star sensor based on the traditional technology of the single FOV star sensor. With the characteristics of the EU’s dual-redundant backup and supporting simultaneity operation of 1 to 3 Optical heads, the on orbit interference resistance and reliability of the star sensor can be ensured to a great extent. Compared with single FOV star sensor, ST-APS3-M-2 greatly promotes the precision of the optical axis direction, through the pipeline exposure, the data update rate can be promoted meanwhile, and multi-FOV star information can provide plenty of bright stars, hereby, the dynamic performance will be improved. It has been used for a high-orbit satellite, subsequent application in satellite spacecraft platform with high attitude accuracy requirements will come to reality.

LFEA :<1 (3σ)

NEA :<1 (3σ)

Update Rate 12Hz

Dynamic Performance  3°/s

Power Consumption <25W

Mass  OH<1.8Kg/unit


Design Life 15a

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ST-APS3-M-2 very high accuracy APS multi-star sensor Ⅱ