Test-launching control system of launch vehicle

Product description

Show of electrical and power shelter


View of inner backend power shelter


View 1 of inner front-end electrical shelter 


View of inner front-end electrical shelter


The military shelter is first used as the carrier of TT&C system of launch vehicle in China, to integrate whole TT&C system into two standard CAF60 military shelters in front and back-ends and transfer quickly by a common chassis.

 With strong environmental adaptability and anti-rain and snow ability, the shelter can be operated in the open air and open country and -20~40℃ to meet the needs of transfer testing of technical area launching area and quick launching of seven days, and to adapt the  launching site that has not a fixed tower.

The shelter also adopts a integrated testing mode of “relying mainly on bus, making wireless subsidiary, and wire supplement” and  several new technologies and new equipment of big flow data transmission and real time Interpretation, PC-104 portable distribution testing and digital middle-frequency inverter power. It also possesses the capability of test data analysising by cloud computing method. 

The system’s self-check and resume time ≤ 1 workday, and persons in testing post ≤12, being in the domestic lead position. 


Main performances

 Ground power supply: containing four groups of hot standby, dual redundant 28V DC source and one set of hot standby, dual redundant 380V/400Hz digital intermediate frequency  inverter.

 Launching control: adopting OMRON CJ2 series of miniaturized PLC, supporting  256 way I/O input/output,  24 way 16bit, 1kHz A/D transfer (extendible).

 TT&C: Adopting PC/104 bus portable testing device, supporting 128 way  time series collection and 48 way solenoid valve wave-form testing.

 Rocket-ground interface: 1 way dual redundant 1553B rocket-ground bus and 6 way 422 bus , 2 way 485 bus  to support rocket-ground real time communication monitor.


 Front/back end ground communication: built-in  1000M             exchanger, hot standby dual redundant optical fibre front/back end communication, including Ethernet network real time communication monitor device and hardware fireproofing.



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Test-launching control system of launch vehicle