Product introduction of sheet metal automatic production line

Product description


Sheet metal automatic production line is made by Sheet Metal Equipment Division of Shanghai Xinli Machinery Factory, that based on the technical basis of the traditional sheet metal industry for more than 40 years and combined with the national manufacturing development planning and sheet metal industry trends. Sheet metal intelligent system of the line sets the raw material storage, cutting, punching, folding, process transportation and finished product storage as a whole, which incorporate advanced intelligent production management concept and modern industrial manufacturing technology, while combines the intelligent manufacturing, lean production management and industrial Internet concept. This system is currently the leading international and is the first domestic sheet metal production line with sheet metal cutting, stamping, bending and raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, which can measure and control the efficiency of each station, to achieve the maximum efficiency and efficiency.


The sheet metal automation production line is made up of traditional single equipment and system connection through automatic equipment, including laser cutting machine, laser loading and unloading robot, CNC servo turret punch press, punching upper and lower material robot, electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine, Bending  upper and lower material robot and so on. The line can achieve automatic production and process management from raw materials, semi-finished products, semi-finished stamping, semi-finished products, to storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.


The line can provide customers with a complete set of automatic production lines of sheet metal automated production program, can be used for ordinary steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other civilian industry sheet metal processing, Such as elevators, industry automation, cabinets and other sheet metal products production, can also be used for military special plate processing, such as military equipment, including aircraft, missile, rocket ship automation production of sheet metal parts.


According to different complexity of parts, in 8 hours, the yield of automated production workshop up to 100-1000 pieces of sheet metal products, 6 row 8 floor workshop library maximum sheet capacity up to 10T, the largest plate size 2500x5000mm, the maximum thickness of 6mm plate processing, Plate cutting power up to 0.75-4KW, cutting repeat positioning accuracy 0.05mm / m, the maximum punching nominal force 300kN, sheet stamping precision 0.05mm / m, sheet bending straightness 0.3mm / m, sheet bending angle accuracy 0.25 ° m / m.


Working Principle

The metal powder is deposited on the base material by coaxial nozzles (no pores in the melting and no cracks). Therefore, the strength of connection between the metal powder and the surface is extremely high. During the welding process, the coaxial nozzle is protected by an inert gas to avoid oxidation. The metal layer can be machined after cooling.



Proven material:

+ Stainless steel

+ Nickel-based alloy (nickel-chromium alloy 625, 718)

+ Tungsten carbide base material

+ Bronze and brass

+ Cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy

+ Tungsten chrome cobalt alloy

+ Tool steel (solderable)

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Product introduction of sheet metal automatic production line