3D increasing-decreasing composite manufacturing

Product description

3D increasing-decreasing composite manufacturing centerintegrates laser printing and metal uses metal powder(Metal particle group with size less than 1mm), granule or wire as raw material,pre-lays the modelby CAD,andbuilds up by burning and covering materials with high power laser the same time, The precision machining of complex curved surface can be realized by using the technology of CNC machine tool cutting, which can meet the requirement of machining and completely changeprocessingof traditional metal parts, especially for those difficulty for  machining or with complex has particular advantages in the processing of impeller, blade, marine propeller, engine crankshaft, mold, etc ,and can be widely used in aerospace, automotive, mold, medical and other industries.

The composite manufacturing center is mainly composed of bed, saddle, ram, high-performance milling spindle, rotary table, built-in rotary large capacity magazine, full protection, hydraulic system, lubrication system, electrical system, effective Chip and coolant management device, cutting tool and processing monitoring feedback system and other components. Laser reinforcement system consists of laser cladding rapid forming inner coaxial powder feeding nozzle (Including the right angle collimator and standard tool holder HSK-A63), laser generator (1.2KW, with 15m transmission stream of 400um core diameter), cold water Unit, powder feeder, inert gas and other components.using HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 system, it can achieve efficient automatic tool change and complex surface processing.

Machine bed

The bed is made of mineral casting, which is reasonably matched with braces. strong rigidity and stability ensuresits shock absorption performance.

Rotary table

Rotary tableadopts mechanismofDouble worm gear to ensure the accuracy and stability.      Protection

Full protection with eyes-protectingGlasses.

Laser nozzle

Adopt international famous brand


Saddle of casting to ensure the stability of the ram.

CNC system


Optional configuration:Siemens or HEIDENHAIN


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3D increasing-decreasing composite manufacturing