Gas Distribution Information Management System

Product description

 SAE-DMS gas Dispatching Management System is a comprehensive management information system by Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd with advanced information management technology, computer technology and network communication technology to achieve gas network safety monitoring, production dispatching management and cooperation between each production and management department.


Production control:SCADA system(SCS station control system, MCC mission control center), decision making system(pipe network simulation system, load prediction, off-line training), GMS gas management system(gas medium management, gas flow management, gas pressure management and analysis between production and sales)

First aid repair management: GIS system(first aid plan, gas shutting-off analysis), auxiliary decision-making system(leaking point location, emergency gas source analysis)

Equipment management:GIS system (drawing files management, line patrolling management), risk assessment system

Auxiliary supporting system:message sending system, video conference system, large screen display(LSD) system, GPS vehicle dispatching management system.

Safety management: SCADA system(FGS fire and gas system, ESD emergency shut-off system), SPS security and protection system(video system, illegal invasion system, access control system,patrol system), risk assessment system.

DMS features

Stable and intelligent production control;

Timely and reliable safety management;

Perfect and accurate equipment management;

Quick and efficient auxiliary support

Open and standard system connector;


Hebei Natural Gas Co., Ltd dispatching management system



his project includes dispatching center renovation and dispatching management system construction. SCADA system is a platform software based on UNIX/Linux system, with monitoring sites including 11 gas distributing stations, more than 20 county users or direct users, one CNG station and several downstream city gas pipeline network data. Besides, it has completed the integration of production process management system of Hebei Natural Gas Company dispatching command center including SCADA system, GMS system, GIS system, Video Conference System, Large Screen Display system and vehicle management GPS system, which greatly improved the management efficiency and safety operation level of Hebei Natural Gas Company.

R&D Platform



Gas Flow Calibration Laboratory



This testing system is designed, developed and build by Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. It pivots on the high-precision standard calibration technology, leverages Large Scale Integrated Circuit (LDC), Fieldbus Technology, high-precision sensor and computer application techniques and conducts the adjustment of temperature and humidity by use of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC). The system lives up to the international advanced level among the similar laboratories and it is currently the most prestigious system in the nationwide.




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Gas Distribution Information Management System