Gas Plant Supply and Support System

Product description

Most power plants fueled natural gas as fuel has little access to the resource nearby, in which case natural gas must be transported to the plant through pipelines. So it is vital to provide gas supply and support system for gas turbine to ensure safe and efficient operation. Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd can provide a complete and independent system solution for gas fueled power plant with advanced technology in the field of gas supply and support.


Project description & system principle

Through appropriate unit within the system, such as the inlet unit, ultrasonic metering unit, cyclone separation unit, filter separation unit, heating unit, pressure regulating unit and outlet unit, the gas turbine can meet the demands for fuel system. Below is a basic component diagram of natural gas fuel support system of gas pressure regulating station.




Providing clean fuel gas;

No liquid hydro-carbon in the gas;

The temperature of fuel gas is higher than dew point;

Controlling the gas pressure to ensure the operation of gas turbine;Quick respond for change in the gas turbine working situation;

Accurate measurement which can meet the deamands for property verification and trading metering.



With advantage of technology and resource from China aerospace system;

Lean management culture and systematic quality service;

Cooperation with professional equipment manufacturer of home and abroadRich experience in designing, construction and operation & maintenance

Well-equipped simulation laboratory



Project Name: Shanghai Fengxian Tuozhong Power Plant. Lauching 

Date: Jun. 2005

Project Description: Total capacity of the project is 4×185MW. Four 9E gas and steam combined cycling unit of GE company. Gas processing capacity in total: 160,000 Nm3/h

Project Feature:

This project analyzed the way of gas supplying through comparation and the feature of gas turbine. The whole system is designed by each unit, which not only is safe but also avoid interference between each gas turbine. It can be a typical example in the supporting project of natural gas processing system in the power industry.

This project includes almost all the natural gas processing modules, such as the inlet unit(safety shut-off for fire alarm), metering unit, heating unit, filter unit, pressure regulating unit, outlet unit, nitrogen displacement unit, relief system and pressure regulating and controlling system of the gas for own use in the station. After being processed by this system, the natural gas can meet the specifications of gas turbine.



Accurate measurement;

Clean gas without liquid hydrocarbon;

The temperature of the gas is higher than the dew point and is within the range required by the gas turbine;

The gas pressure should be controlled under certain limits to ensure the operation of gas turbine;

The power plant has been in operation with a steady property and good feedback from clients.

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Gas Plant Supply and Support System