Long-distance Gas Pipeline for Pressure Regulation Measurement and Pressure control System

Product description

SAE of SAST strives to provide integrated natural gas pressure regulation, control, and measurement systems and services for gas exploitation and transmission. Our products include cyclone separator, filter, pipe pig, quick-opening ring plate, pressure regulation system, ultra-sonic/turbine metering skid, self-use pressure regulation system for gas distribution station, and other standard and non-standard equipment. By coping with Shanghai Fiorentini, the largest gas transmission and distribution equipment producer in China, SAE is committed to consistently providing reliable products for the gas industry.




The system is specially designed for Long-distance natural gas transmission, compression, storage stations, and gas supply system for gas turbine generator, where high pressure, large gas flow, and low pressure differential may apply.

Pressure control system is mainly made of a safety shut-off valve, an electric control valve, and a pressure control valve in series from upstream to downstream. Based on various customer demand or process requirements, the pressure control valve could be self-actuated, electrical, or air-operated. The system applies modular design and skid-mounted installation. All main parts and related instruments have been tested separately and then as a whole prior to delivery to customer, featuring high reliability, high performance, easy installation, and turnkey operation.



All pressure components in the pressure control system are of the same pressure class as the inlet, and the pressure tapping and pressure drawing components in the downstream of pressure control valve are of the pressure class as the upstream. Operation accuracy of the pressure control system as well as the safe operation of other components are not affected by assembly, transportation, installation, and commissioning. Before delivery, the system’s components are assembled in an upstream-to-downstream order and have been tested separately and then tested as a whole.

As safety devices, the safety shut-off valve and electric control valve are both self-operated.

Each valve should have the same inlet and outlet diameter, large flow capacity, small pressure loss, and sound shut-off capability.

The system features high accuracy of ±1%, high turndown ratio of 1:1000 (depend on operating conditions), and linear regulation.

The pressure control valve should be of fail-to-open design, and the electric valve fail-to-close design. The safety shut-off valve respond in less than a second to protect the system from overpressure or underpressure.

All valves have adopted modular design and top-entry installment, featuring compact structure and easy maintenance process.

All parts that have direct contact with natural gas are made of materials that will not react with natural gas. The device is suitable for horizontal installation in the open air.

All electrical parts included in the device meet applicable explosion-proof classification and ingress protection requirements.





Project: Zhongwu pipeline project, PetroChina 

Time: 2004


The pressure/flow rate control system used in multiple metering stations of Zhongwu pipeline project are made of independent safety shut-off valve, electric control valve, and pressure control valve installed in series. In the service line connected to East and West Wuhan stations, Changsha station, and Huangshi station where have a large gas flow rate, all pressure control valves are electrical, and electric control valves are self-actuated. All safely shut-off valves are self-actuated.

The pressure/flow rate control system aims to provide safe, stable, and continuous gas supply for downstream users. It keeps downstream pressure and flow rate within preset range to avoid negative impact caused by large distributary flow on main line. All remote control signal are sent and received by the transmitter which uses standard RS-232 connector with output conforming to MODBUS RTU protocol.

Customer rated the system in sound operation so far.


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Long-distance Gas Pipeline for Pressure Regulation Measurement and Pressure control System