Micro-turbine Power Generator

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Micro-turbine Power Generator

Capstone Turbine Corporation, listed in NASDAQ and a member of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is the world’s leading producer of low-emission microturbine system. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with sales and/or service centers in China, New York, Mexico, Milan, South America, and Tokyo, CTC holds over 80 percent share of global microturbine market. Founded in 1988, the company develops, manufactures, sells, and services microturbine technology solutions. Since the fist unit was sold in 1998, there have been over 5000 microturbines operating all over the world with total running hours above 15 million hours.

Based on jet engine technology, CTC microturbine is used for stationary power generation application. It works in the way that the compressed air burns in the combustion chamber and thus generates high-temperature and high-pressure air that ultimately drives the turbine.

As the first and most successful microturbine invented, Capstone microturbine integrates aviation engine, high-efficient recuperator, patented air bearing, permanent magnet generator, and high integrity digitalized electricity conversion technologies. It contains only one moving part and adopts air-cooled technique, achieving a compact structure and requiring no liquid lubricants or coolants to maintain. Moreover, it can operate on a variety of fuels and exhaust residual heat which can be recovered for additional energy.

CTC products are scalable from 30 kilowatts (KW) to 10 megawatts (MW) with C30, C65, C200, C600, C800, and C1000 configuration. The excellent reliability of CTC microturbine makes it an ideal solution for unmanned sites below 2MW.


As a clean, green, reliable, and efficient energy solution and the most successful generation of microburbine technology, Capstone claims over 80 percent market of microturbine market.

Capstone Applications:


Hotel, hospital, university, commercial building CCHP system (Combined Cooling, Heating & Power), and power solutions for landfill/garbage processing, wastewater treatment plant, communication site, mobile power supply, and UPS system.

Capstone microturbine features:

High performance:

the latest digital control and air bearing technologies enable non-stop operation with 25 years’ designed life span.

Continuous power supply:

able to provide unfluctuating power supply; attained national UL1741 grid interconnect certificate (CA, NY, TX), and all series of product have met IEEE519, ANSIC84.1, and NFPA standards. 

Reduced emission:

adopting lean premixed combustion technique to reduce NOx emission below 9ppm, which meets the most demanding environmental regulation.

Low noise:

only one moving part requires no liquid lubricants or coolants to maintain.

Low maintenance cost:

only one moving part requires no liquid lubricants or coolants to maintain.

Easy installation:

low requirement for installation structure which greatly reduces construction period and investment.

Fuel variety:

operate on a variety of gaseous or liquid fuels from high pressure range (345 to 520 kPa) to low pressure (1.4 kPa the lowest), including natural gas, biogas generated from landfill, sewage treatment plant or anaerobic digestion tank, diesel, kerosene or propane, associated gas (H2S<7%).


no need for shelter and installation structure, and can be installed at any location outdoor including rooftop; modular design and multiple units combination guarantee optimal working condition.


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Micro-turbine Power Generator