Traffic Safety System

Product description

HT-MTTR Multi Lane multi targets traffic speed radar is the first radar ranging speed measuring instrument with multi lane, multi target simultaneous monitoring and measurement capability. The radar speed meter breaks through the function category of the traditional traffic velocity radar, and measures the speed and distance of the target vehicles in real time. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and simple debugging, and can be widely used in the fields of bayonet detection, exceed the speed limit detection, traffic violation detection, intelligent traffic, etc . Features: multi target identification / low power consumption / high reliability, good weather conditions such as rain and snow, fog / fog, easy installation, simple debugging / military design, aerospace quality.


  • HT-MTTR multi-objective traffic speed radar (after It is called HT-MTTR) using the FSK radar system and Kalman tracking filtering algorithm for detection range All vehicle targets are measured in real time. Speed calculation and angle positioning, vehicle target capture rate More than 99.99%, can identify up to 32 tracks at the same time Vehicles.
  • HT-MTTR can simultaneously measure the detection range.The real-time speed, Lane vehicle speeding, retrograde and illegal change road violations, amount of radar detection of each vehicle in the target area and position accurately.
  • HT-MTTR uses two types of installation or side installation, the maximum can be detected up to four cars, the farthest distance can be up to 80m.
  • HT-MTTR has all-weather working ability, the product reaches the IP67 protection level, and can work in a variety of weather conditions such as rain, snow and haze.
  • The graphical humanized operation interface of HT-MTR can display the real-time relative location, real-time speed and motion situation of each vehicle target in real time, and display the traffic status more intuitively.


                                                         Imaging in the daytime                                     Imaging in the night



Functional parameter

Operating frequency ban


Antenna beam width


Emissive power


Maximum resolution target number


Data update time


Action distance


Range of speed measurement


Vehicle capture rate


Check the accuracy

Check the accuracy


Check the accuracy


Power supply and environmental conditions

Power supply range

DC 12V(Anti polarity protection function, voltage input Park: 9~18V)



Temperature range


Humidity range


Shock resistance

100Hz~150Hz Range vibration, the product is all normal

Mechanical properties

Equipment size(long x wide x high)

155×132×197.5mm3(Include installation structure)

155×55×140mm3(Include installation structure)


2.3kg(Include installation structure)

Protection grade


Communication interface

Communication mode



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