Friction Stir Welding(FSW)

Product description
  • 2D Gantry FSW Equipment

Friction Stir Welding(FSW)is a solid-state joining process, during which a constantly rotated tool with specially designed shoulder and pin is plunged into the work piece. Fictional heat is generated by fricition between the tool and welding material, causing the stirred material thermo-plasticized. While the tool moves along the welding interface,plasticized material is swept from the leading edge of the tool and deposited at the trailing edge, thus realizing solid-state joining of work pieces after the mechanical forging process by the tool.

Equipment Features:

  • Small gantry configuration is used, realizing high rigidity and cost-effective
  • Worm-drive is used in C-axis, with high transmission rigidity
  • 2D Servo control is used to maintain constant requirements for tilt angle during friction stir welding process
  • Equipment can possess two work tables



  • Five-axis Gantry FSW Equipment

Equipment Features:

Motorized spindle is used in heard, realizing compact structure with high rigidity

  • Serial 5-axis parallel control technology of A&C-axis rotation mechanism is used to realize complex 3D curved welding with excellent flexibility
  • High rigidity and stability are achieved by using gantry structure
  • Equipment can be designed to be two heads, in order to improve working efficiency.


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