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Energy Battery


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Energy Battery






Batteries are connected by welding. With Al alloy case, batteries are heat-conducting and antirust, and have a high power density, which can be used in BEV, etc.

With Al alloy case, batteries are heat-conducting and antirust, and have a high rate discharge capacity, which can be used in occasions such as fast charge, hybrid power, ignition, start-up power, etc.

Batteries are connected by welding. With Al alloy case, batteries are heat-conducting and antirust, and low cost, which can be used in back-up power and general energy storage system.




New energy business vehicle power assembly/ Aircraft power supply vehicle/ Movable power supply vehicle/ Military power supply vehicle/ Electrical heavy truck, Hybrid electric heavy truck/ Emergency power supply vehicle


Used LFP battery, the pack performs well in temperature adaptability, power, life of pack, safety, etc.With 10A self-equalization, the battery system has stable long-term dynamic consistency, and can be used for 8 years. Provided dual waterproof layer for cell, the battery box improves insulativity and safety of battery system. With built-in remote monitoring system for failure prediction, the pack can be maintained in time and improved operation reliability.




  • MK series modular UPS power supply system products

MK series modular UPS mainly uses modular hot-swap technology, over-voltage protection technology, fault recorder technology, modular air duct isolation technology and bypass redundant technology. Intelligent short-circuit protection technology and lithium iron phosphate battery and UPS integrated control technology and other core technologies, then through the DSP all-digital control of the online double conversion, to eliminate electricity surges, instant high voltage, instant low voltage, wire noise and frequency offset , including other "power pollution", in the rail transit high temperature, high humidity, high dust and high power grid interference in the harsh environment for all kinds of important load to provide a stable, uninterrupted power supply for customers with high efficiency, high power density guaranteed power supply. Communication integrated power system products are mainly used in the subway and rail transportation integrated power supply integration system, bear the key to the station with the mechanical and electrical devices, control system to provide uninterruptible power supply tasks, the main load, including communication systems, integrated monitoring system. Access control systems, office automation systems, automatic fare collection system, automatic fire alarm system.

  • TS series of high-frequency UPS power supply system products

TS series of high-frequency UPS power system products are particularly suitable for the field of rail transport uninterruptible power supply, this series UPS using high-performance dual DSP full control technology, power, high voltage, surge, transient, peak and other power anomalies real-time to make accurate and efficient response and processing. This product has automatic voltage regulator function, the output voltage accuracy is high, the input voltage and frequency range is wide, for the bad rail traffic environment and complex power environment has the superior adaptability. TS series of high-frequency UPS power supply system products are mainly used for rail communications and other low-power communications UPS power supply system.

  • EPS emergency power supply system products

Our company’s products of intelligent emergency power supply cabinet by the high-frequency switching power supply module, integrated inverter device, modular structure monitoring unit, lithium iron phosphate battery composition. System centralized control display, configuration flexibility, is a new type of high-quality emergency lighting power products. Applicable to rail transportation, tunnels, power plants, substations and commercial buildings need fire facilities, emergency lighting, accident lighting places.

  • DC screen power system products

This products consists of AC screen, DC screen, feeder screen and battery screen, integrated high-frequency switching technology and computer technology, adopted (N + 1) redundant design power output unit, high-performance, integrated intelligent management Lithium iron phosphate battery system, high-speed main monitoring, PWS man-machine interface touch screen operation, flexible system configuration, the use of simple operation, high degree of automation, easy maintenance, can be hot and plug, etc., is a new type of high-quality DC power supply . The mainly applicable to 500KV and below substations, power plants , rail transportation and other fields, for the inside or the station control load, power load and DC accident lighting load to provide high-quality DC power supply.

  • ES series of modular lithium iron phosphate battery pack products

ES series modular lithium iron phosphate battery pack mainly by the battery module, battery management system modules , battery cabinets and other components. This product is a smart , can be quickly replaced, high energy density, high reliability of the modular lithium iron phosphate battery pack products. Mainly applicable to the UPS power supply system, DC screen power system, large-scale energy storage systems, photovoltaic energy storage systems, household energy storage systems and other fields.


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