Gas Transmission & Distribution

Product description

1.Long-distance Gas Pipeline for Pressure Regulation Measurement and Pressure control System


Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd(SAE) of SAST strives to provide integrated natural gas pressure regulation, control, and measurement systems and services for gas exploitation and transmission. Our products include cyclone separator, filter, pipe pig, quick-opening ring plate, pressure regulation system, ultra-sonic/turbine metering skid, self-use pressure regulation system for gas distribution station, and other standard and non-standard equipment.



The system is specially designed for Long-distance natural gas transmission, compression, storage stations, and gas supply system for gas turbine generator, where high pressure, large gas flow, and low pressure differential may apply.

Pressure control system is mainly made of a safety shut-off valve, an electric control valve, and a pressure control valve in series from upstream to downstream. Based on various customer demand or process requirements, the pressure control valve could be self-actuated, electrical, or air-operated. The system applies modular design and skid-mounted installation. All main parts and related instruments have been tested separately and then as a whole prior to delivery to customer, featuring high reliability, high performance, easy installation, and turnkey operation.


2.Gas Plant Supply and Support System

Most power plants fueled natural gas as fuel has little access to the resource nearby, in which case natural gas must be transported to the plant through pipelines. So it is vital to provide gas supply and support system for gas turbine to ensure safe and efficient operation. SAE of SAST can provide a complete and independent system solution for gas fueled power plant with advanced technology in the field of gas supply and support.

Project description & system principle

Through appropriate unit within the system, such as the inlet unit, ultrasonic metering unit, cyclone separation unit, filter separation unit, heating unit, pressure regulating unit and outlet unit, the gas turbine can meet the demands for fuel system. Below is a basic component diagram of natural gas fuel support system of gas pressure regulating station.


  • Providing clean fuel gas;
  • No liquid hydro-carbon in the gas;
  • The temperature of fuel gas is higher than dew point;
  • Controlling the gas pressure to ensure the operation of gas turbine;
  • Quick respond for change in the gas turbine working situation;
  • Accurate measurement which can meet the demands for property verification and trading metering. Distribution Information Management System

SAE-DMS gas Dispatching Management System is a comprehensive management information system by Shanghai Aerospace Energy Co., Ltd of SAST with advanced information management technology, computer technology and network communication technology to achieve gas network safety monitoring, production dispatching management and cooperation between each production and management department.


  • Production control: SCADA system (SCS station control system, MCC mission control center), decision making system(pipe network simulation system, load prediction, off-line training), GMS gas management system (gas medium management, gas flow management, gas pressure management and analysis between production and sales)
  • First aid repair management: GIS system (first aid plan, gas shutting-off analysis), auxiliary decision-making system (leaking point location, emergency gas source analysis)
  • Equipment management:GIS system (drawing files management, line patrolling management), risk assessment system
  • Auxiliary supporting system: message sending system, video conference system, large screen display (LSD) system, GPS vehicle dispatching management system.
  • Safety management: SCADA system (FGS fire and gas system, ESD emergency shut-off system), SPS security and protection system (video system, illegal invasion system, access control system, patrol system), risk assessment system.


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