Remote Support System

Product description

Equipment remote support system adopts satellite broadband communications, regional wireless communications and other communications based on IP protocols, quickly builds the encrypted broadband communications connection among equipment maintenance site, force support center and equipment manufactures. By means of multimedia interactive and other informatization tools, the remote technical support of equipment repair and maintenance can be performed by rear technical experts, and the timeliness of weapon equipment repair and maintenance can be improved.


Remote support portable terminal is developed for the demand of equipment remote support, and is a portable satellite communications terminal system combined with satellite communications, regional wireless communications, Beidou navigation and positioning, short message communications, multimedia interactive and other functions. Its move and transportation are convenient, and wild environmental adaptability is strong. A long time and reliable operation in harsh environments can be supported.


Software features: 

  • User management 
  • Multimedia interactive
  • Conference-chaired management
  • Electronic whiteboard discussion
  • Multi-types file sharing
  • Equipment data real-time collection
  • Equipment operation information display
  • Equipment data compression and remote transmission
  • Information inquiry and playback
  • Data statistical analysis and processing


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