To Cheer for Wang Shuqun, Who was Elected to the 7th National Public List of Moral Model Candidates!

To Cheer for Wang Shuqun, Who was Elected to the 7th National Public List of Moral Model Candidates!

2019/07/02 21:52
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To Cheer for Wang Shuqun, Who was Elected to the 7th National Public List of Moral Model Candidates!

The Organizing Committee of the Seventh National Moral Model Appraisal and Recognition Activity examined and identified 303 candidates for national moral model recommended by local and military systems. Starting from 25 June, centralized publicity and propaganda are carried out in the main media and key websites of the central government. Wang Shuqun, “a great craftsman” and aerospace, aerospace super technician, was elected to the 7th National Public List of Moral Model Candidates!


Looking back at the development process of Shanghai, a city with distinctive character, we can see not only the miracles that shocked the world, but also the courage to seek development in the dilemma behind the miracles, the spirit of daring to be the first in the world and the wisdom of China.

Shanghai Aerospace: Creative Achievement "The Space Kiss" is about People from Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology who have completed docking missions from Shenzhou 8 to Shenzhou 11, Tiangong and Tianzhou through independent research and development.


The Space Kiss seems romantic, but it can't tolerate the slightest error. The transmission chain on the docking mechanism alone consists of hundreds of gears, bearings and more than 12,000 parts. Whether the docking is successful or not depends on the accuracy of the motion position of the docking ring. In assembling docking ring, the accumulated error is required to be controlled within 1 mm, and the deviation of pitching, rolling and yaw angle is not more than 2', which is equivalent to 5 times the accuracy requirement of common transmission device.

People from Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology are rising to the challenge.


Wang Shuqun, head of the assembly team of the docking mechanism of Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and his team creatively put forward the "reverse adjustment method" from scratch. With tens of thousands of spare parts, tens of thousands of meters of wire and more than 1.5 million data, it took 16 years to finally overcome the difficult problem of aircraft rendezvous and docking mechanism adjustment, making China the second country in the world to master the alignment technology of docking mechanism.

"Our people in the space industry are trying to explore the unknown world in space, discover and prevent risks, so that we don't need to take the earth to wander." Simple words express feelings of Wang Shuqun and people in the space industry for nation and country and make preparations for rain.With dreams, wisdom and courage, they are exploring space peacefully and designed to contribute to the future well-being of mankind.



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