The Payload Engineering Department of the Eighth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was Established

The Payload Engineering Department of the Eighth Research Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation was Established

2019/07/02 21:45
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On June 24, the Payload Engineering Department of the Eighth Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology was established to build a new platform for payload development, a new highland for scientific application research and a new impetus for the development of aerospace field.

On June 24, the Payload Engineering Department of the Eighth Research Institute of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology was established to build a new platform for payload development, a new highland for scientific application research and a new impetus for the development of aerospace field. Yuan Jie, General Manager of the Group Company, and Dai Shoulun, President of the Eighth Research Institute, jointly unveiled the Payload Engineering Department. The ceremony was presided over by Zong Wenbo, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Eighth Research Institute.

Depending on Shanghai  Aerospace Electronic Technology Institute , the Payload Engineering Department of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology has been built with the strength of the whole institute. It is the research and development and industrialization incubation base of Microwave Payload of the group company and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology. It mainly undertakes the pre-research, development and production of passive microwave payloads, new system microwave payloads and space antennas, as well as the professional development of traction payloads and the optimal allocation of resources. After the establishment of the Payload Engineering Department, it will focus on key technologies, promote the application of common technical achievements, and lay out and build first-class basic scientific research facilities. The Engineering Department will boldly practice in system operation, gather all kinds of resources by market-oriented means, explore talent incentive policies and industrial development paths under the new situation, and speed up the development and application transformation of payload technology.

Under the strong leadership of the Group and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, the Payload Engineering Department of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology will closely focus on the development goals, look up to the stars, and be down-to-earth. By 2025, it will build a first-class Payload Engineering Department with comprehensive strength in China. The main passive microwave payloads will reach the leading position in China and the first-class in the world, making greater contributions to the construction of a powerful aerospace country.

Origin of Payload Engineering Department of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology:

The first payload Fengyun 3 Microwave Imager independently developed by Shanghai  Aerospace Electronic Technology Institute has been on orbit for nearly 10,000 days. It is one of the longest on-orbit microwave radiometers in the world and has won international reputation in the field of meteorological satellites in China. On this basis, the development of millimeter-wave sub-millimeter-wave geostationary orbit detector and other loads has been carried out, and the passive microwave has been extended to the new system of microwave loads and other fields. The rapid development of payload field is inseparable from the special payload project of the Eighth Research Institute. In 2014, the Eighth Research Institute launched the "Payload Specific Project", the first phase of which adheres to the strategic orientation, demand orientation and problem orientation, takes the major model tasks as the traction, breaks through a series of key technologies that restrict the development of load, and supports many system-level projects to be included in user research or pre-research planning.The second phase of " Payload Specific Project " has further developed the preresearch of focusing and supporting backview and the research and development of the project at the major system level, so as to improve the function and capability of load and constantly strengthen the core competitiveness of Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology in the effective load field.





Photographer: Sun Gongming

Source:Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology