Air Defense
President Xi talks with three taikonauts stationed in space station core module with national and CPC flags onboard
China's Space Station: Scientists work on speeding up space-to-Earth communication
China launches new meteorological satellite
Tianzhou spacecraft launches, heads to space station
China launches first section of its massive space station
Long March rocket blasts off with nine satellites
Seven straight victories! CZ-4B rocket is launched successively
China Aerospace launches remote-sensing satellites into orbit
Long March 6A maiden flight due this year, report says
Xi congratulates complete success of Chang'e-5 mission
Chang'e-5 probe is carrying out lunar surface sampling as planned
After flying about 112 hours towards the moon, Chang'e-5 orbiter performed its braking at perilune successfully
Chang'e 5 was launched successfully, finishing the last chapter in China’s three-step moon exploration program
CZ-6 succeeded in launching 13 satellites
Chinese national flag in space! Selfie of Tianwen-1
Launched to Mars! Tianwen-1 succeeded in completing deep-space maneuver
Launched to Mars! Tianwen-1 succeeded in completing deep-space maneuver
CZ-4Bwas successfully launchedfor the second time within one week, together with HJ-2Aand HJ-2B Satellites
Newest Gaofen HD satellite lifted into orbit
CZ-2D succeeded in launching three satellites, achieving the a series of victories in seven missions assigned in 2020
In three decades, we have fulfilled our dreams; looking up into the sky, we have made brilliant achievements;|CZ-2D sending two satellites into the sky successfully
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