Air Defense
CZ-6 succeeded in launching 13 satellites
Chinese national flag in space! Selfie of Tianwen-1
Launched to Mars! Tianwen-1 succeeded in completing deep-space maneuver
Launched to Mars! Tianwen-1 succeeded in completing deep-space maneuver
CZ-4Bwas successfully launchedfor the second time within one week, together with HJ-2Aand HJ-2B Satellites
Newest Gaofen HD satellite lifted into orbit
CZ-2D succeeded in launching three satellites, achieving the a series of victories in seven missions assigned in 2020
In three decades, we have fulfilled our dreams; looking up into the sky, we have made brilliant achievements;|CZ-2D sending two satellites into the sky successfully
Tianwen-1 completes the First Midcourse Correction of Earth-Mars Transfer Orbit
Tianwen 1 sends photo of Earth, moon from 1.2 million km away
CZ-4B succeeds in launching three satellites on the following day
Long March 5 Succeeds in launching “Tianwen-1” Mars Probe
Long March 5 Series Launch Vehicle ready for flying to Mars!
CZ-2Dsoared up into the sky with full scores
The Second Half of 2020 was Successfully Started, and the CZ-4B Two Satellites with One Rocket was Successfully Launched
Magnificent View, Annular Eclipse Shot by FY-4 in Space
After 17 days, a Long March-2D launch vehicle successfully lifts three satellites into space!
The Representative of the Chang’e-4 Mission Team Won the "World Astronautical Award", the Highest Award of the International Astronautical Federation!
Rocket launch propels two satellites into orbit
Victory after victory, a Long March-2D (CZ-2D) launch vehiclesuccessfully lifts two satellites into space
Remeasure the top of the world! Mountain Qomolangma is more beautiful at this viewpoint
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