The 49th launch mission of SAST's LM - 4B was completed on June 5th.

The 49th launch mission of SAST's LM - 4B was completed on June 5th.

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2017/11/07 12:53
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The 49th flight of LM - 4 series was successfully made in JSLC delivering Hard X-Ray telescope and 3 other piggy back satellites into space. 

The 49th flight of LM-4 series was successfully made in JSLC delivering Hard X-Ray telescope and 3 other piggy back satellites into space. It was the first batch of four spacecrafts launching service of LM-4 series, and re-start mission since the failure last year.

One of the four onboard satellites NewSat3 from Satellogic was deployed into orbit with accurate pre-determined parameters, marking the third piggyback service of the NewSat constellation satellites, with SAST as the main contractor.

SAST’s launching service to Satellogic company began last year, sending 2 SCs into orbit, and one more next year with banding contract. What’s more the two companies are negotiating about batch launching of more than ten satellites onboard single rocket.

As an integrated space company with diversified capabilities, SAST also provided some key components to the NewSat satellites, as heat pipe, solar panel etc. It was the common goal of the two companies to tighten the established business connection, stepping into the booming commercial space market by leveraging the common strength.